The things flight attendants really wish you’d stop doing – from handing over rubbish to poking them for attention

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed all the things they wish passengers would stop doing – including not saying hello to poking them for attention.

Caroline Skahn, who has worked as a flight attendant for five years for American Airlines, explained some of the worst things you can do to annoy cabin crew.

She told Insider the things she hated the most – here are some of her biggest pet peeves:

Not saying hello

A flight attendant recently explained why they always greet passengers while boarding.

Not doing it back is seen as rude, however.

She said: "You'd be surprised how many people step on board and won't even make eye contact with us but will still try to hand us their trash on their way in without saying a word.

"We are only human, but if your flight attendants can say good morning to over 200 people in a row, I think passengers should be able to say it back at least once."

Poking cabin crew

Despite Covid making travellers more cautious when touching strangers, Caroline said this doesn't stop some passengers.

She said: "When I asked coworkers what their number one pet peeve was, this was it.

"Use your voice, use your call button, raise your hand, anything. But please stop touching us."

Calling for the rubbish bag

Putting rubbish in the plane bins is always appreciated by cleaning crew – but don't force flight attendants to come and help.

While they will often walk down the aisle with a bag and gloves, some passengers demand they come to them.

She explained: "It's frustrating when someone rings their call bell so we can pick up trash, because we were probably just there, and we may not have gloves on or a trash bag with us."

Blocking the galley

There are two ways passengers can get on a flight attendant's nerves by blocking the galley and the aisles – one being some in-flight yoga.

Caroline explained: "We get it if you need to stretch your legs, but you can't do it in our galley, the front or back area of the airplane where all the carts are and where the crew sits."

She also said travellers should avoid using the bathroom as soon as the plane takes off, as it causes huge lines which makes starting the drink service hard.

Ignoring their own kids

Caroline said that while flight crew to help, they are not an in-flight babysitter.

She said: "Each day I see so many parents get on a flight and immediately fall asleep or just not pay attention, leaving their children unattended. It's not fair to the crew or other passengers. "

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