TikTok Disney fans reveal theme park tricks they ‘shouldn’t share’ including how to always skip the queues

DISNEY World fans have been sharing their top tricks and secrets on TikTok, including how to avoid broken down rides and long queues.

TikToker David Vaughn, who said he "probably shouldn't share it," explained how to get free multi-Fast Passes, which allow guests to queue jump.

He explained: "So I realized Indiana Jones breaks down quite often in the afternoon, almost every single day,.

"So I purposefully started getting FastPasses [for the ride] around that time – like 2pm or 3pm – and I’ve done this maybe half a dozen times and it has worked every single time."

He then said that when it breaks down, and they can't use their free daily Fast Pass, they get free multi-use FastPasses as a refund.

A former Disney employee agreed that it worked: "I used to work at Indian Jones and thought people who did this were so smart as we used to break down all the time."

Fans loved the hack, with more than 34,000 people liking the video.

People in the comments shared their top tricks too.

One person said to always head to Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion or the Pirates of the Caribbean ride after 9:30pm, as there will be no queues.

They added: "Waste of time to [FastPass] or wait in line during the day."

Other pieces of advice including going on the teacup ride during the parade for a "perfect view" or to the Tarzan Treehouse ride to watch the fireworks.

In response, a TikTok user called Emily said she had found the perfect spot to take photos, which is next to Spaceship Earth and the main Disney fountain.

She explained: "Prop your prop on top of this lamppost then put your phone on top of the lamppost. We get the perfect fountain selfie — without someone needing to take your photo!"

Disney fans have been sharing their top tips on the social media site.

A TikTok user who goes by the name feedmeimei shared her video "Disneyland Hacks You Should Know" on social media in regard to visiting Disneyland in California.

She explained: "Some rides have a Buddy Pass system where if you have a party of 1-2, you ask for a Buddy Pass and you can go to a much shorter line."

Another tip she shared was: "To avoid crowds when exiting Disneyland California, go through the Grand Californian exit."

Here are some other tricks to get freebies at the parks, if it is your birthday.

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