Travelers' Biggest Annoyances on Planes and in Hotels, New Study Reveals

Traveling is strenuous and puts people on edge. They’re easily annoyed and may not have the nicest looks on their faces or the most pleasant thoughts on their minds. Lost or stolen luggage, long lines, and ticket costs don’t top the list of biggest travel annoyances, according to a study conducted by Expedia. See what bothers travelers the most when they’re flying or staying in a hotel, ahead.

No. 5 on planes: ‘Audio insensitive’

You should be the only one who can hear your music. | kasto80/iStock/Getty Images

Listening to music or a podcast on a flight is OK, but don’t turn the volume on your headphones up so loud your seatmate can listen along. 29 percent of respondents find people who are “audio insensitive” to be annoying. Seeing as most people like to sleep on flights, we can understand why this would be annoying.

Hint: Remember, you’re sitting next to a stranger.

No. 4 on planes: ‘Personal space violators’

Keep to your own space. | iStock/Getty Images

Voluntarily spending hours on a plane thousands of feet off the ground sandwiched next to strangers isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Airplane seats are small and legroom is becoming less and less but that doesn’t mean you violate the personal space of your seatmate. “Personal space violators” are annoying to 34 percent of those surveyed.

Hint: Parents, don’t forget to do this on planes.

No. 3 on planes: ‘The inattentive parent’

Be responsible for your child. | iStock/Getty Images

Flying with children is a completely different ballgame compared to flying alone. Parents are responsible for keeping their children entertained on a flight, which is no easy task. Parents, don’t be worried about your rambunctious child. Worry about watching your child. 39 percent of survey respondents said “the inattentive parent” ranks high on their list of annoyances on planes.

Hint: This annoyance is invisible but packs a punch.

No. 2 on planes: ‘The aromatic passenger’

Don’t apply anything that’s extremely fragrant. | SIphotography/iStock/Getty Images

Among those surveyed, 43 percent voted “the aromatic passenger” as the second most annoying (see the No. 1 annoyance, next). Save yourself from getting dirty looks by ridding your carry-on bag of anything extremely fragrant such as lotion and perfume.

Hint: Watch out for the seat in front of you.

No. 1 on planes: ‘The seat kicker/bumper/grabber’

Don’t bother other passengers. | egdigital/iStock/Getty Images

The biggest complaint among airline passengers has to do with seats. “The seat kicker/bumper/grabber” is the most annoying on a flight, according to 51 percent of the people surveyed. The actions bother passengers so much, 62 percent of travelers notify airplane staff.

Hint: Don’t be known as the partiers at your hotel.

No. 4 at hotels: ‘The party-goers and the bar boozer’

Have fun, but don’t make a scene. | stu99/iStock/Getty Images

Attending a wedding at a hotel? By all means, have a good time. But don’t be so noisy other guests complain. And while you’re at it, don’t make a scene at the hotel bar. 27 percent of those surveyed found the “the party-goers and the bar boozer” to be annoying.

Hint: Are you guilty of doing this at hotels?

No. 3 at hotels: ‘The complainers’

Notify staff of a problem, but don’t complain about everything. | LuckyBusiness/iStock/Getty Images

Do you constantly complain about your hotel accommodations? People find that annoying. 29 percent of the people surveyed, to be exact. If your hotel room is lacking something or the bathroom isn’t clean, by all means, notify hotel staff. But don’t complain about everything.

Hint: You’re not on spring break.

No. 2 at hotels (tie): ‘The in-room revelers’

Tone down the party in your hotel room. | Adie Bush/iStock/Getty Images

Have fun staying in a hotel. Listen to music, watch TV, and take an extra long shower. But don’t host a party in your room that sleeps four people. Those staying in the rooms next to you will almost surely notify hotel staff and have them break up your party. Not only will housekeeping dislike you,  but 41 percent of those surveyed find “the in-room revelers” annoying.

Hint: Don’t do this in hotel hallways.

No. 2 at hotels (tie): ‘The hallway hellraisers’

The hallway should be a relatively quiet space. | razyph/iStock/Getty Images

A hotel hallway isn’t a hotel room. There are no doors. Sound travels in a hallway and loitering in one won’t make you popular with your fellow hotel guests or staff. 41 percent of people are annoyed with hallway hellraisers. That means no singing in the hallway or having a phone conversation with it on speaker

Hint: This person is annoying at hotels and on airplanes.

No. 1 at hotels: ‘The inattentive parents’

Keep an eye on your kids. | Nadezhda1906/iStock/Getty Images

Similarly to airplanes, “inattentive parents” are an annoyance to 45 percent of hotel guests, according to the survey. Wondering “where are their parents?” as a child tries to juggle balls from the pool table isn’t good.

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