Travelling with kids gets easier thanks to these genius ideas

Instead of breezing through security with a carry-on and a couple of magazines, you show up with car seats, bags stuffed with formula and toys impossible to fly without – but all this could change.

The New York Post reports that there are a whole host of apps out there which make flying with babies and children that much easier – so you can relax and enjoy your holiday that bit more.

While some of these apps might not have been initially designed for families, they have services which will make things so much easier for you.

Don’t pack — use Amazon Prime

Why stuff your suitcase with nappies when, with a little forethought, you can use Amazon Prime to send a couple of packs right to your hotel – giving the property a heads up, just in case.

It works with everything from formula to beach toys — and even overseas.

You can also use the service if you’re renting an apartment.

And Airbnb guests can pick deliveries up at Amazon lockers all over the US, in parts of Canada and much of Europe.

Get an instant babysitter

On-demand babysitting apps like Bubble will let you book childcare without having to conduct interviews or ask friends of friends for recommendations.

Put in your location and your desired date-night hours, and the app will send you screened babysitter matches to choose from.

Go carry-on only

Luggage Forward is one of the many online services that will pick up your gear and ship it to your destination.

It’s pricier than airline baggage fees — for example, it costs £70 per small bag shipped from London to Paris — but far more convenient than lugging bags through multiple airports.

It also pays to plan ahead: standard shipping is five days, and overnight service can triple the cost.

Eat fancy again

Just because you’re travelling with kids doesn’t mean your only options are room service.

A number of apps let you eat at — or, more accurately, from — top restaurants with a few swipes, no babysitter required.

UberEats has been expanding across the globe, picking up food from restaurants in more than 200 cities, including Warsaw and Rio de Janeiro.

Caviar, which operates in more than 15 US cities, delivers from spots like Pok Pok in Portland, and Boqueria in Washington, DC.

And in London, Supper shuttles food from the Michelin-starred Indian restaurant Tamarind.

Use a body double

At home, TaskRabbit is useful for hiring a last-minute dog walker or finding someone to do an Ikea run – but it’s just as handy on holiday.

Taskers can hold your place in a queue at a popular venue or pick up event tickets (or some fish and chips) for you.

TaskRabbit is available in 39 US cities as well as London and Manchester. If only they did on-demand nappy changes.


Sun Online Travel previously revealed a flight attendant's simple trick to get loud children to quieten down on the plane.

British Airways are also giving away free domestic flights to children this summer when travelling with a paying adult.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission.

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