TUI advert advertising ‘summer’ holidays that are only available in September and October have been banned

HOLIDAY company TUI has had an advert banned that was deemed to be misleading.

It advertised a deal on summer holidays – but they weren’t able to be taken until September or October.

The Advertising Standards Agency ruled that the ad were "unlikely to align" with consumers' understanding of the term summer holiday.

The television ad for TUI holidays in June featured a voice-over stating, "It's not too late to discover Turkey with Tui from £279 per person this summer … Perfect summer holidays that put you in the middle".

But on-screen text specified that the price applied to departures between September 1 and October 31.

A viewer claimed the departure dates were not during the summer holiday period and complained the ad was misleading.

Tui said its summer holiday period ran from April 1 to October 31, pointing out that the ad showed both adult-only groups as well as families.

Ad clearance agency Clearcast said the first two weeks of departures were still within summer months and suggested it would have been confusing to spell out that the offer covered summer and autumn.

The ASA said consumers would interpret the term "summer holidays" to mean holidays available for travel during the calendar months of June, July and August.

It said: "We acknowledged Tui's comments regarding their own summer holiday period and the use of both adult and family-oriented groups within the ad.

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