UK airports slammed for charging up to £53 to drop off passengers

Many terminals offer several different types of "fly by" parking, but confused passengers often do not realise here is a free option – often some distance from the airport.

The Mirror reports that Luton Airport charges drivers £3 for ten minutes' drop off time in its drop-off and pick-up area closest to the terminal but this rises by £1 per minute after this, totalling £53 after an hour.

Another airport unpopular with drivers is Birmingham Airport, which charges £2 for ten minutes’ parking in its Premium Set Down car park adjacent to the terminal, rising to £50 for a full hour.

Meanwhile, Stansted charges £25 for parking over 15 minutes in its Express Set Down bay, while Gatwick charges £10.30 in its Premium Short Stay South car park.

Customers have now been taking to Twitter to vent their feelings about the amount they are paying for drop offs at these airports.

Manchester Airport announced that it will soon be axing its free "kiss and fly" drop off lanes back in March.

They are charged £3 for five minutes stopping at the airport, or £4 for ten minutes, or they can use a free shuttle bus service to take them to nearby parking.

The measures came into force to relieve heavy congestion around the airport.

Meanwhile, Luton offers two hours of free parking in its long-stay car park, but passengers will have to get a shuttle bus from the car park to the terminal door.

Stansted also has a free option but this is located in its mid-stay car park, which is also a shuttle bus away from the terminal.

While Gatwick does allow free drops outside the terminals, waiting is not allowed.

If you want a little longer to say goodbye or picking up, its free option is in the long stay car park. But again, there is a shuttle bus to the terminal.

Another option at Gatwick is its short stay car park, which costs £8 for between 31 and 50 minutes.

They continued: "98 per cent of those using our drop-off/pick- up area do so within ten minutes, without incurring additional charges ”.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport told Sun Online Travel: “We offer many options for our customers to choose from when being dropped or collected from the airport.

A spokesperson for Stansted told Sun Online Travel: "The drop off charge is £3.50 for ten minutes.

"There is also a free option at the mid stay car park with a courtesy bus just drops passengers off on the terminal forecourt. Less than 1 per cent of all Express Set Down users exit the area in over 15 minutes.

A spokesperson for Gatwick said: "Unlike many airports Gatwick does not charge to drop off passengers.

"We also offer a range of parking options for people looking to pick up passengers, including 2 hours free parking in our long stay car parks or, if passengers wish to park closer to the terminal, up to 30 minutes in our short stay car park for £4.”

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