Virgin Holidays creates America’s first ever dolphin sanctuary

The deal is with non-profit organisation the National Aquarium in Baltimore and will create North America’s first dolphin sanctuary.

The space will be a large, outdoor one and will house dolphins which are currently kept inside in dolphinariums.

Seven dolphins will be relocated – Jade, Spirit, Maya, Bayley, Chesapeake, Foster and Beau, who are currently living in Baltimore.

The site has yet to be chosen, but will be in Florida.

It will be a place where dolphins can enjoy a “fully natural” life with the things they really need – tides, temperature variations and other life around them like seaweed, fish and crabs.

The environmental project will be open by 2020, and the company hopes that tourists will eventually be able to visit.

The Aquarium at Baltimore is now embarking on a programme to acclimatise the dolphins to their environment.

This will teach them to drink water to flush their systems in case they eat the wrong thing once they are in the new sea-pen.

They will also get used to warmer temperatures so that they are ready for their new sanctuary.


The dolphins will also be taught to swim onto stretchers so that they can eventually be transported to their new home.

Virgin is the only UK company which has offered support and the project is a first of its kind.

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