Woman slams friend for refusing to pay for spare plane ticket after ditching trip – but everyone is on his side | The Sun

A MAN refused to pay for an additional plane ticket for his friend after he dropped out of a holiday last-minute.

He explained on Reddit that he and a female friend had planned a trip together, booking plane tickets.

However, he asked her out on a date before the trip only for her to reject him – leading him to pull out of the trip because he felt uncomfortable.

He wrote on Reddit: "Back in November, me and a long time friend bought flights to Miami for March 2023.

"The plan was to hang out, do some shopping and probably go to a theme park.

"Last week, I realised I was catching feelings for this friend, so i decided to invite her out on a date.

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"She said no and was very gentle about it, rejection hurts of course and i'll get over it."

The man explained that the issue started when he pulled out of the planned trip to Miami.

He explained: "The issue started when I said I would no longer go to Miami with her as it would be uncomfortable for me to spend so much time together after being rejected.

"I know I'm flaking on the trip, so I told her I'd pay for her non-refundable flight, if she ends up not going.

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"She said that's not enough and that I must pay her friend's flight (that is double the price and too expensive) so she can still go on the trip."

In his post on Reddit, the man wanted to know if he was being unreasonable after he refused to pay for the additional ticket.

Despite his concern, users on Reddit were on his side and thought it was more than enough that he'd offered to pay for her plane ticket and that he'd "dodged a bullet".

One person wrote: "She’s being unreasonable for trying to force you to pay for someone else."

Another added: "You are in no way expected to pay for another person’s ticket so that she can still go on the trip."

Other users thought his friend was in the wrong for asking for an additional plane ticket.

One user added: "She doesn't think very highly of you if she's trying to get you to pay for the ticket of someone else to go with her."

Many people also took to the comments and told him to go on the trip alone.

This isn't the first time friends and families have argued over a plane ticket for an upcoming trip.

One man publicly shamed his girlfriend for accepting a free upgrade on a flight.

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