You can now stay overnight in the UK's most notorious prison – once home to dangerous criminals including the Kray twins

THE prison which was once home to some of the most notorious killers is now letting you stay the night on a ghost tour, if you're brave enough.

HM Prison Shepton Mallet in Somerset once held the Kray Twins in the 1950s, and recently featured on the ITV series Des featuring David Tennant.

Now, you can stay the night from 9pm until 3am with paranormal events company Bump in the Night Paranormal UK, costing £50.

More is yet to be revealed about what you can expect during the tour, but it is led by paranormal investigators, with haunted rooms and experiences to take place throughout the night.

While nights in February 2021 have sold out, there is still availability in March and April.

The prison also offers a full prisoner experience, including bland porridge for breakfast and a sleepover locked in your very own cell, costing £49.

Formerly the oldest operating prison in the country, Shepton Mallet closed its doors to inmates in 2013.

It was the site of a number of executions from when it first opened its doors in 1626, with the last hanging taking place in 1945.

During the Second World War, the facility was used as a military prison by both the British and American armed forces – 18 US servicemen were executed there between 1943 and 1945.

Infamous East End gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray were held in the prison in 1952 while awaiting court-martial for dodging national service, and Ben Gunn, Britain's longest-serving juvenile prisoner, also spent time at Shepton Mallet.

The ITV series Des, focusing on notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen, was also partly filmed at the prison.

Now, the most famous ghost story of the prison is that of the White Lady, rumoured to have murdered her lover before being sentenced to death at the prison.

After asking to be able to wear her wedding dress for her execution, she was found dead in her bed the next morning.

The tale even resulted in an investigation in the 1950s, led by the Home Office, after staff refused to work the wing she was rumoured to haunt during the night shift, with many complaining of icy winds and the smell of perfume.

Bump in the Night has a number of other activities and scary tours on offer, including at Fort Widley,  Henry VIII's Llanthony Secunda Manor, Bodmin Jail and the Hell Fire Caves.

Bodmin Jail has also launched a series of scary events and tours this Halloween.

You can stay at a haunted castle in the UK this year too – with its own murder hole and prison.

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