You could live in a Disney TOWN – new resort including houses, hotels and a lagoon is being designed by the theme park

DISNEY has announced plans to build a whole residential town which will have homes, a hotel and even a huge lagoon.

Disney Imagineers, who design everything at the theme parks, will be behind the huge project, although it won't be linked to Disneyland.

Cotino will be a 618-acre development near Palm Springs in California, as part of their new Storyliving communities, which will be “infused with the company’s special brand of magic".

Disney said in a statement: "These master-planned communities are intended to inspire residents to foster new friendships, pursue their interests and write the next exciting chapter in their lives — all while enjoying the attention to detail, unique amenities and special touches that are Disney hallmarks."

There will be 1,900 houses, ranging from single-family homes to larger properties, as well as a neighbourhood for residents over 55.

Also onsite will be shops and a beachfront hotel with 400 rooms, along with a 24-acre lagoon which is open to the public to swim in.

An optional Club membership will be offered to residents which has access to a clubhouse, private section of the beach and a range of Disney entertainment throughout the year such as cooking classes, live performances and wellness programmes.

Non-residents can also buy day passes to access the beach and water activities.

Disney is yet to reveal prices and an opening date.

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Disney parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro said: "Walt was trying to build a connected, integrated, story-based community.

"While these [Storyliving] communities are not Epcot, they share that same spirit. This is something that Walt would have been all over."

Walt Disney originally wanted to build huge cities, but his plans were shelved after his death in 1966.

The land of Epcot was the prototype for this, which stands for Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow.

Called Project X, the city would encompass 27,400 acres – more than double the size of Oxford – and this would have the 20,000 locals who lived and worked in the cities who could get around without the use of cars.

The land would have five sections – an airport, an entrance centre, an 1,000 acre industrial park, the theme park and the heart of the project – with theatres, restaurants and even a 30-storey hotel.

However it was deemed too impractical – problems included how the city would stay modern and futuristic with technology moving so fast, as well as what would happen if companies or residents wanted to leave the area.

There are also some amazing theme parks which were never built, including one in Battersea Power Station.

And a massive £3.5billion theme park is set to open just outside London by 2024, called the London Resort.

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