​Brooklyn’s top federal prosecutor made official — despite Trump inaction

​Brooklyn finally has a new ​top federal prosecutor — despite President Trump.

​Richard ​Donoghue was appointed to the interim position as ​US attorney for the Eastern District of New York by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in January — a role which was set to expire Friday unless ​the president solidified his role by appointing him.

But Brooklyn federal Judge Dora Irizarry announced that ​she and ​her fellow ​Eastern District judges ​voted to keep Donoghue in office and said he would be sworn in Friday morning in a closed proceeding.

“I am deeply grateful to the Court for the opportunity to continue to serve as​ ​the U.S. Attorney,” Donoghue said in a statement.

Trump could still appoint another ​prosecutor ​to the position to replace Donoghue but ​the ​Senate would need to confirm the ​appointee.

Donoghue was the chief counsel for a software company CA Technologies and prior to that worked as chief of the criminal division in the Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office.

Judges in Manhattan federal court made a similar move last week to keep interim Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman in office.

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