10 passengers suffer savage burns escaping train caught in ferocious wildfire

Ten passengers have been injured while fleeing a burning train in Spain that was forced to dramatically stop in the middle of a huge wildfire.

Dramatic footage resembling something akin to hell on earth shows the sky full of flames and smoke as the fire spread rapidly out of control causing passengers to take evasive action.

The train had been heading from Valencia to Zaragoza in the north east of Spain when the wildfire forced it to a halt in the Bejis municipality.

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While the driver of the train asked passengers to remain on board, some are believed to have panicked as they saw the flames get ever closer reports the Mirror.

There were 48 people on board the train, that had set off from Valencia on Thursday afternoon, but some broke windows to get off the train in a wild panic.

At least 10 of the passengers who left the train were injured, including three who were seriously hurt from burns.

The train driver went on to reverse it back from the danger area to a station at Caudiel and nobody who had stayed on board were injured.

Those who had left the train also made it back to Caudiel where some received treatment.

Of those who were hurt, the most serious was a 58-year-old woman and a 15-year-old girl who were airlifted to hospital in Valencia, it is reported.


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