30 dead as high-voltage pylon collapses onto busy market with bodies everywhere

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Horror footage from a busy market shows the aftermath of a collapsing electricity pylon which reportedly killed 30 people.

Several videos uploaded to Twitter from other market attendees in Matadi Kibala, Congo, show panicked crowds walking amongst dead bodies on the ground on Wednesday.

People can be heard screaming in the incredibly graphic footage, as people wade through murky water in what appears to be a flooded market street.

One Twitter user uploading the footage wrote: "An excerpt from the situation in the Matadi Kibala district.

"It is a high voltage pillonne that fell on the Matadi Kibala market this morning. Witnesses evoke more than 30 deaths."

In response to the video, another Twitter user wrote something that translates to: "Oh my God, have mercy on your people".

Some bodies can be seen laying on top of one another while others are separated on their own.

Almost all of the bodies are partially under water.

Masses amounts of fruit and other food products, likely from the nearby market stalls, can be seen floating in the water around the lifeless bodies.

Matadi-Kibala is a city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, located about 10 miles South-West of Kinshasa , the country's capital.

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