Acting ICE director to step down

Thomas Homan, President Trump’s nominee to be director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, will retire by June, a new report said Monday.

Homan, a longtime officer with the agency who was serving as acting director, was expected to make an announcement later Monday, according to The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news.

His nomination had been held up in the Senate, where lawmakers expressed concerns over his record with the agency.

Homan had said that virtually every undocumented immigrant living in the US was subject to removal, and the number of arrests of illegal immigrants with no criminal convictions rose sharply on his watch.

Sources told the paper that Homan did not want to face a bruising, partisan confirmation process, so he decided to pack it in.

Another source said family considerations played a role.

“He was already set to retire once. That was something they planned as a family and they put that on hold,” a senior ICE official said Monday, noting that Homan had already been planning to retire when he was selected by the president to be the acting head of the agency.

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