Aldi stops mum using NHS vouchers to buy baby milk formula for young son

A young mum has slammed budget supermarket Aldi after the store stopped her from using NHS vouchers to buy baby milk formula.

Mary Crawford tried to use Healthy Start vouchers in the Newcastle store to buy two tubs of Mamia first infant formula for four-month-old son Marshall Holmes.

But the vouchers were rejected after the 23-year-old says she was told they could not be redeemed for soya-based milk

And when Mary, who shares her name with her mother and asked not to be pictured, complained to Aldi HQ the situation was blamed on a till error at its Newcastle and Norton Heights stores.

Now the retailer has apologised for the mix-up.

The NHS Healthy Start scheme provides one voucher-a-week for eligible women.

Each voucher has a £3.10 value and can be exchanged for cows’ milk or infant formula as well as fruit and vegetables.

Mary, from Sneyd Green, told Stoke-on-Trent Live : "I’m concerned because mothers on these vouchers might not have someone they can fall back on if the vouchers are rejected. Aldi should be accepting them if it sticks to the terms and conditions of the vouchers.

"My son has only ever had that milk. I can’t give him another one because it could cause constipation. It’s made me feel upset and a bit angry.

"This is my son’s formula. This is what he feeds on and this is messing about with that.

"I hope Aldi can sort this out. If I was solely reliant on the vouchers and couldn’t pay for them out of my own pocket I don’t know how I would be able to feed my baby."

Mums qualify for Healthy Start vouchers if they are on benefits and at least 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under the age of four. Pregnant teenagers under the age of 18 are also eligible.

An Aldi spokesman said: "We have apologised to Ms Crawford. The technical issue with the till has now been resolved.”

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