Alec Baldwin enjoys a chilly day at the beach with his family

EXCLUSIVE: Alec Baldwin looks in good spirits as he enjoys a chilly day at a beach in the Hamptons with his kids after a search warrant was issued for his cellphone in the wake of fatal Rust shooting

  • Alec Baldwin took three of his children to enjoy a cold beach at the Little Alberts Landing Beach on Sunday
  • The family first walked through a wooded area at around 11am before making their way to the beach
  • They each wore large winter jackets and boots, but still only remained at the beach for about 15 minutes before Baldwin’s children seemed to get too cold
  • While they were there, they enjoyed catching some seaweed and throwing it back into the ocean
  • Baldwin, 63, was also spotted talking on his cellphone in between the fun
  • The family went down to their Hamptons house on Friday after Santa Fe sheriffs issued a search warrant for Baldwin’s iPhone in their investigation into the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film

Embattled actor Alec Baldwin enjoyed a chilly day at the beach near his Hamptons, Long Island home as the investigation into his shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his western film, Rust.

Baldwin, 63, was pictured on Sunday at the beach with three of his seven children, and their nanny, as temperatures remained in the 40s, dipping into the 30s by mid afternoon. 

The Baldwin clan seemed to be dressed appropriately for the weather, each wearing large winter jackets and boots as they trekked the empty beach, where there were no other souls around.

But the family didn’t stay at the Little Alberts Landing Beach for too long in the wintery weather, and only remained at the beach for about 15 minutes – after throwing some seaweed into the ocean.  

Alec Baldwin, left, walked along a rocky beach in the Hamptons with one of his sons on Sunday

The family strode down the length of the seemingly empty private beach, each dressed in winter gear

Baldwin chased after his young son through the dunes of Little Alberts Landing Beach in the Hamptons

Baldwin seemed almost pensive at one point as he stared out into the Atlantic Ocean

Baldwin watched as his son tried to climb up the dunes in the cold weather on Sunday

Baldwin made his way down the sandy beach through the tall grass as the investigation into his shooting continues

One of his children brought Baldwin a clump of seaweed he found as temperatures remained in the 40s on Sunday 

After a while it seemed to get too cold for Baldwin’s children with temperatures hovering in the 40s

In between the fun, Baldwin, 63, took some calls on his iPhone, which Santa Fe sheriffs have issued a search warrant for

The Baldwin family’s outing began at around 11am, with the clan heading to a wooded area before making their way to the  Little Alberts Landing Beach just a few miles from their house

The Baldwin family’s outing began at around 11am, with the clan heading to a wooded area of the elite Hampton’s before making their way to the entirely empty beach at around noon. 

At one point, the actor seemed pensive after throwing some some seaweed into the ocean, and looking out into the expanse.

And in between the fun with his children, Baldwin, a father of seven, took some calls on his cellphone, which Sante Fe sheriffs in New Mexico issued a search warrant for.

He was seen wearing a black winter coat and dark pants as he strode around the beach, smiling.

They left within 15 minutes, after it appeared to get too cold for Baldwin’s children.

The family has been in the Hamptons since Friday, when Baldwin was pictured outside his Manhattan home packing up his Escalade with Christmas wreaths, bags and presents. 

Baldwin kept his son in hand as the young boy tried to shield his face from the wind

The actor took some seaweed from his son’s hand before throwing it back in the water

As his kids were busy, Baldwin strode along the empty private beach on his phone

There was nobody else on the beach on Sunday besides the Baldwin family

The Baldwins made their way to the beach after walking down a wooded area

The entire outing lasted only about 15 minutes, after which it seemed the children seemed to get too cold.

The Baldwin family has been taking a Christmastime retreat in the Hamptons since they were seen leaving their Manhattan home on Friday.

Baldwin was pictured at around 8.30am loading his black Escalade with bags, luggage, a holiday wreath, and some games – apparently packing for an extended trip.

He filled the vehicle with their stuff before slipping into the backseat and leaving with his driver.

He and wife, Hilaria, 37, needed to take two more SUVs to accommodate their nannies and six children, each of whom required either a car seat or booster seat, depending on their age. 

Just one day before their big trip, Hilaria slammed the paparazzi on her Instagram Stories and warned them to ‘stay away’ from her husband. She shared footage of the photographers snapping their pictures, claiming they were purposefully provoking him.  

‘These people are trying to taunt Alec,’ she captioned the clip. ‘This is not good for ptsd. I’m sure that comes as no surprise when you see this. I get you guys want to make money…but this is disgusting. And those of you who pay for these photos — shame.’

In a second post, she demanded that the paparazzi back off while vowing to protect her family.  

‘Stay away from him,’ she insisted. ‘Stop it right now. Have some humanity. Stop thinking about money and attention. Let the investigation do [its] process and it will play out. You don’t need to come and traumatize him more every single step of the way. This is my family and I will protect them until the end.’ 

The confrontation took place outside Woody Allen’s Upper East Side home, where reporter Jon Levine was waiting for Baldwin to quiz him about the shooting on the set of Rust   

An irate Baldwin was caught on video lunging at a New York Post reporter while gripping an umbrella on December 2

The family’s departure on Friday also came just one day after Baldwin took to Twitter to deny that he had requested a larger Colt gun before Hutchins was fatally shot on the set of Rust. 

He tweeted an article from Newsweek, which claimed that he had requested a bigger gun before the accidental shooting. 

‘This, in fact is a lie,’ Baldwin wrote over the article link.  

‘The choices regarding any props by me for the film RUST were made weeks before production began. To suggest that any changes were made “before fatal shooting” is false,’ he added.

His tweet came after Sante Fe sheriffs in New Mexico issued a search warrant for his iPhone in regards to the fatal October 21 shooting. 

The warrant authorizes police to review all text messages and photos on the actor’s cellphone, as well as any stored location data, as part of their investigation. 

Baldwin was seen on his phone making a call shortly after the shooting, and Judge David Segura, a magistrate in Santa Fe, approved the search warrant request on Thursday afternoon. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico sheriffs are continuing to investigate the scene of the fatal shooting on the Rust set  (pictured)

The family’s departure on Friday came just one day after Baldwin took to Twitter to deny that he had requested a larger Colt gun before Hutchins was fatally shot on the set of Rust

Detective Alexandria Hancock — referred to as the ‘affiant’ in the warrant — said that they requested Baldwin hand over his phone, but the actor and his lawyers said that they require a warrant first. 

‘Affiant requested Alec’s phone from him, as well as his attorney, and was instructed to acquire a warrant,’ the warrant request states.   

Hancock, in the request for the warrant, spelled out in detail what she wanted to obtain from Baldwin’s phone — a list that included his contacts, call records, photos, videos, and text messages. 

‘Affiant is requesting a warrant for the seizure and search of Alec Baldwins’ cell phone to search for any evidence relating to the death investigation of Halyna Hutchins,’ the warrant request states. 

‘Affiant believes there may be evidence on the phone, due to individuals using cellular phones during and/or after the commission of crime(s). 

‘Such information, if it exists, may be material and relevant to this investigation. 

‘Affiant was also made aware there were several emails and text messages sent and received regarding the movie production ‘Rust’ in the course of interviews.’ 

According to the search warrant, Baldwin told police that he exchanged emails with the film’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, regarding what style of gun to use in the film.

They ultimately decided on a Colt .45 pistol.  

Halyna Hutchins, 42, died on the set of Rust when a gun Baldwin was handling ‘went off’ and shot her

Baldwin is seen on October 21 after speaking to investigators about the fatal shooting of Hutchins.  His phone is now being sought by the team probing Hutchins’s death 

Baldwin had been handed the antique pistol for the scene and was told that it was ‘cold’ — not loaded.

He was rehearsing a scene in which he pulls out his gun, and later said in an interview with ABC that he never pulled the trigger, but the gun went off anyway. 

Hutchins, a 42-year-old cinematographer, was shot and killed. The director of the film, Joel Souza, was shot in the shoulder and survived.

It is unclear why it has taken so long for New Mexico police to seize Baldwin’s phone. 

The actor has insisted that he has fully cooperated with the investigation.  

Dave Halls, the assistant director who was watching, confirmed Baldwin’s account, through his lawyer. 

Baldwin spoke to George Stephanopoulos about the tragic shooing in an interview that aired on December 2, saying: ‘Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who it is, but it’s not me’

Baldwin recalled how he stood over her for ‘about 60 seconds’ and was then ushered out. Was she conscious?’ Stephanopoulos asked. ‘My recollection is yes,’ he replied. 

Baldwin’s version of the on-set tragedy 

‘I’m just showing. I go, “How ’bout that? Does that work? You see that? Do you see that?'”

‘And then she goes, “Yeah, that’s good.”

‘I let go of the hammer, bang. The gun goes off. Everyone is horrified. They’re shocked. It’s loud. They don’t have their earplugs in. 

‘No one was — the gun was supposed to be empty. I was told I was handed an empty gun. 

‘If they were cosmetic rounds, nothing with a charge at all, a flash round, nothing. 

‘She goes down, I thought to myself, “Did she faint?”

‘The notion that there was a live round in that gun did not dawn on me ’till probably 45 minutes to an hour later.’

He added: ‘Well, she’s laying there and I go, “Did she hit by wadding? Was there a blank?”

‘I never pulled the trigger. No, no, no. You would never do that. 

‘The gun was supposed to be empty. I was told I was handed an empty gun.  

‘Nobody gave a f*** who you are anymore until this. You see a lot of people with their phones now, in a coffee shop,’ he said, showing them filming him. 

He said ‘no one had any idea’ there was live ammunition used until a police officer showed a photo of the shrapnel removed from Souza’s arm.

Then began ‘the agony, insanity, that someone put a live bullet in the gun,’ he said. ‘She was laying there and she was there for a while I was amazed at how long they didn’t get her in a car or get her out, but they waited until a helicopter came.

‘And by the time the helicopter took off with her, we were literally all glutted to that process outside.

‘When she finally left, I don’t know how long she was there for. She kept saying, she’s stable, just as you disbelieve there was a live round in the gun, you disbelieve its going to be a fatal accident.

‘At the end of my interview with the sheriff’s department, they told me, “We regret to inform you she didn’t make it.” They told me then and there.’ 

He added: ‘That’s when I went outside and called my wife.’  

Baldwin said that he has been told by people ‘in the know’ that it is ‘highly unlikely’ he’ll face criminal charges. 

‘Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who it is, but it’s not me,’ Baldwin told Stephanopoulos. 

‘Honest to God, if I thought I was responsible I might have killed myself. And I don’t say that lightly.’  

He also took a swipe at former President Donald Trump, his media foe whom he impersonated on Saturday Night Live, for suggesting that he ‘loaded the gun himself.’ 

‘He said that I did it deliberately. Just when you think things can’t get any more surreal, here’s the president of the United States making a comment on this tragic situation.’  

Following the interview, New York Post’s Jon Levine attempted to quiz the actor about the claim.

Baldwin refused to engage, and his wife Hilaria repeatedly asked the journalist to leave and ‘please go away’ while training her cellphone camera on him.

Levine met the couple as they were leaving Woody Allen’s townhouse, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

When Levine would not stop asking questions about the shooting, Baldwin charged at him while grasping his umbrella and yelled that he was not allowed to be on someone’s private property. 

He did not make contact with the reporter, who pointed out to him that the sidewalk was, in fact, public property.    

After the interview aired, Baldwin posted an Instagram photo of himself cradling one of his six young children.

‘No matter what happens to me. No matter what I suffer. If I win or lose, anything. Anything. No one can take away from me the joy and love you have given me, @hilariabaldwin,’ he wrote.

‘These are tough times. The world is choked with fumes of hate. But you have given me a reason to live. Our life with our family is all I care about. Nothing else. I owe that to you.’


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