Alexandra woman caught drink-driving motorised chilly bin discharged without conviction

An Alexandra woman’s motorised chilly bin escapade has ended in court.

Anna Lea Pilgrim, 40, a car groomer business owner, faced a charge of drink-driving when she appeared in the Alexandra District Court today.

However, it was her choice of vehicle – a motorised chilly bin – which she drove with an excess breath alcohol level of 894 micrograms that raised eyebrows across the room.

Pilgrim was stationary when she was approached by police on May 9 after riding the chilly bin on the roadside, next to the curb on Alexandra’s Clutha St.

She was instantly disqualified from driving for 28 days.

Defence lawyer Megan McCrostie acknowledged that in normal circumstances the defendant would be considered for an interlock licence.

However, she asked Judge John MacDonald to consider a lesser penalty due to a range of factors, including the fact she travelled less than 100 metres and would have travelled at a speed of between 5-10km/h.

Judge MacDonald took into consideration the fact that Pilgrim had no previous convictions and would need to drive to continue her business effectively.

He said an interlock licence would outweigh the gravity of the offending, but noted the level of alcohol was high and should not be downplayed.

Pilgrim was discharged without conviction, disqualified for a further month and ordered to pay a donation to a charity of her choice.

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