Aliens love the Queen but not Prince Harry or Prince Andrew, UFO expert claims

Aliens adore the Queen but are less keen on Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, a UFO expert claims.

Nick Pope reckons there is little doubt that little green men would look up to Her Majesty.

Britain’s top UFO sleuth says an advanced ET civilisation would know all about the Royals, if it’s spying on us.

And the Queen’s leadership would be revered on alien soil.

Space ace Nick, who has previously investigated flying saucers for the MoD, said: “I’m not sure what aliens would make of our monarchy.

“But they’d probably wonder how this mighty institution had got itself bogged down in gossip and scandal. That said, I think they’d look at the Queen and see a true leader.”

The out-of-this-world endorsement may come as a much-needed boost to the monarch, 95.

She suffered the loss of her husband Prince Philip last April, and is dealing with the fallout from “Megxit” and Prince Andrew’s sex abuse allegations.

Nick reckons aliens will be aware of all this.

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He suspects they are unimpressed by Harry and Meghan Marke decamping to the US, and with Andrew’s alleged crimes, which he strongly denies.

Meanwhile, Spotify is reportedly looking to take the couple's podcast series “into its own hands” as it advertises a number of in-house roles.

The music and podcast streaming service paid £18 million for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to produce a show on Spotify but nothing has been recorded since December 2020.

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The Sussexes are said to have been invited by Prince Charles to stay with him ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next month amid their ongoing security concern.

The olive branch is considered to be the future king's attempt to spare any humiliation his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall may suffer from Harry's upcoming tell-all memoir.

A source claims the book will be an "excoriating takedown of Camilla", claims a source.

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