Amazon driver sacked for leaving ‘d***head’ note on delivery receipt

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Amazon has sacked a courier after he called a bloke a d***head on a delivery receipt after a doorstep row.

Mike Daniels, 54, was gobsmacked when he looked at the note and saw the driver had written his name as "D*** Head".

Minutes earlier, the pair had clashed on the doorstep when the driver asked Mr Daniels to confirm his date of birth.

But the dad-of-three, who runs an MOT business, refused to reveal the information for fear of having his identity stolen.

Speaking of his concerns, Mr Daniels said: "In this day and age, he’s got all the information for me off the boxes. With my date of birth, he could hack my account quite easily and start ordering stuff left, right and centre.

"We see it every day – people being hacked or having money taken out of their account. I’m savvy in that respect."

After feuding over the DOB, the driver gave him the parcel and drove off – but not before trading one last insult on the delivery note.

When Mr Daniels checked the email confirmation, it read: "Received by or left at D*** Head."

The shocked dad said: "Every customer sees that message. He obviously knew I would see that – he wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

"We all think it from time to time but you don’t voice it let alone write it down somewhere.

"If he’d have said it to my face I would have gone 'fair enough I can deal with that', but for it to be put on their data so it’s there forever."

He added he wasn't offended by the slur but it was "wrong" of the driver to use it.

When Mr Daniels fumed to Amazon later, he claims he was snubbed and asked to fill out a form.

"It’s up to them what they need to do internally, but what are they going to do about it to make the drivers aware it isn’t acceptable?

‘I’m sure the guy had had a tough day and didn’t need me not giving my date of birth but to my mind, it was with good reasoning. What hacked me off with Amazon’s approach to it."

Mr Daniels reckons the driver wanted his information in the first place because he'd ordered a carving knife, which you can't buy if you're under 18.

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  • But he joked: "I’m not being funny but I’m 54 years of age – I don’t look like a kid. He could have easily ascertained I’m over 18 years of age for sure."

    An Amazon spokesperson said: "This is unacceptable and does not meet the high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve our customers.

    "We are taking this matter seriously, and will be ensuring this driver does not work for us again. We have reached out to the customer to make it right."

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