Amy Locane will be re-sentenced for fatal auto crash

Former actress Amy Locane (School Ties, Melrose Place) will be re-sentenced for a 2010 car crash that resulted in the death of a 60-year-old NYU adjunct professor in New Jersey.

Locane, who had a blood alcohol level of .26 at the time of the crash, previously received a three-year sentence for the collision that killed Helene Seeman, reported Friday. The New Jersey appellate court zeroed in on the light punishment, saying “we expect our colleagues will agree that the sentence in this case, a hair’s breath away from illegal, shocks the conscience.”

This is the second time the state’s Appellate Division has questioned the sentence by state Superior Court Judge Robert B. Reed. After the first time, Locane returned to court for sentencing in January 2017 but Reed did not give her any more jail time.

According to the latest appellate ruling, “(Locane) went unpunished for the injuries inflicted upon Seeman, despite the fact she could have easily made alternative arrangements the night of the accident and could have easily avoided driving, was extremely intoxicated, and was engaging in risky maneuvers before the crash. That is an error we cannot correct.”

Locane’s attorney told he’s not done fighting for Locane, who has been sober since the crash and is the mother of two girls. “Judge Reed is an excellent judge. We intend to file with the New Jersey Supreme Court to have them review the matter and then we’ll proceed from there.”

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