Angela Merkel’s weaknesses exposed as German leader under pressure – ‘Conveyed insecurity’

Macron is ‘untethered’ without Angela Merkel says expert

The German Chancellor has been under intense pressure after the European Commission failed to secure enough vaccines in time, resulting in shortages across the EU. As a result, vaccination efforts in EU states are lagging well behind the UK, US and Israel.

Mrs Merkel defended her vaccine policy during an interview with ARD, a German public sector broadcaster.

She claimed: “We cannot have a rigid vaccination plan.”

However, according to Stefan Verra, a leading body language expert, Mrs Merkel “conveyed insecurity” during the interview.

Speaking to FOCUS Online she said: “Something Germany needs the most in the current vaccine situation is a leadership personality who conveys stability and purposefulness.

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“Angela Merkel did not use the chance to do just this.

“Her body language conveyed too much insecurity.”

The European Commission took responsibility for purchasing coronavirus vaccines on behalf of all EU member states.

However, it ordered large quantities of a French vaccine that won’t be available until the end of this year at the earliest and ordered the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine three months after the UK.

Ms Verra explained her conclusion about Mrs Merkel in some depth.

She said: “Right at the beginning, when she was asked the first question, she showed an anomaly of human facial expression, which is asymmetry.

“When our brain doesn’t know yet if it should see something as positive or negative, it shows with uneven facial expressions. This conveys instability.

“Angela Merkel is not known to use Italian-style gestures. Yesterday, she did just that.


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“Now you have to know, hands are not just a welcome tool, but also a means of keeping things away from ourselves, including uncomfortable thoughts.

“Overall we have to say, her words may have clarified quite a bit, however, the words can’t convey emotionality, meaning trust and stability. Only body language can do this.”

Mrs Merkel has announced she will stand down as German Chancellor later this year.

Her Christian Democrat party is currently in the process of selecting her successor.

In total Germany has recorded 2.25 million coronavirus cases and nearly 60,000 deaths.

Last week the European Commission caused outrage by threatening to block vaccine exports outside the EU to deal with its shortage.

As part of this plan, it moved to impose a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

This caused outrage in London, Dublin and Belfast causing the plan to be dropped.

The World Health Organisation also spoke out against the EU proposal arguing it would break international solidarity.

In total coronavirus has killed more than two million people across the world.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg

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