Angry cyclist attacked after using air horn to frighten pedestrians

A cyclist tired of dodging pedestrians who had wandered into bike lanes on his daily commute used an AIR HORN to shock them out of his way.

His antics were filmed as he attached a camera to his helmet and recorded their startled reactions across London, shocking passersby and even making one woman spill her coffee.

A group of several young men are given a huge fright as they wandered into a bike lane while other offending pedestrians are given similar shocks across locations in central London.

The approach has had a decidedly mixed response – with one man strolling in a cycle lane lashing out and striking the lycra-clad vigilante in anger.

The rider is believed to have used a Fire Chief air horn, which manufacturers say can reach up to 120 decibels – roughly similar to the noise of a jet taking off.

Reckless Bradley, who uploaded the video, wrote on YouTube : “I am fed up with people walking in the cycle lane in London.

"Its like they don’t even care that is there. I decided to make my presence more known by investing in an air horn. These are my results.”

Online reaction to the cyclist’s unconventional methods have also been varied – with many saying he stepped over the line.

One Youtube user wrote: “You’re honking at them for crossing a street that REQUIRES them to walk through the bike lane? C’mon dude.”

STS1804 branded the cyclist as "self righteous", adding: "Most of these occasions you could have just gone round them."

While another said: “I support you for using the air horn while people are straight up walking in it. But not when people are crossing.”

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