Anti-Islamic group leader's car rammed off the road in Norway

Anti-Islamic group leader’s car is rammed onto its roof by woman following spectacular chase caught on camera after he burned a Koran outside a mosque in Norwegian capital

  • Lars Thorsen, leader of anti-Islam group SIAN, burned Koran in Oslo on Saturday
  • His car was then rammed into as it drove along a motorway into the capital
  • Footage taken by anti-immigration group shows moment Thorsen’s car was hit
  • Jeep rolls on to its roof after being rammed, leaving five occupants with injuries 

This is the moment a car carrying the leader of a Norwegian anti-Islam group was rammed off the road after he staged a Koran-burning stunt outside a mosque. 

Lars Thorsen, leader of provocateur group Stop the Islamisation of Norway (SIAN), was driving towards the capital city of Oslo on Saturday around 3pm when the attack happened.

Footage taken by anti-immigration activists from Alternativ Media riding in the car behind shows a grey Mercedes B-Class ramming Thorsen’s military-style jeep, sending it spinning off the road and on to its roof.

Five occupants of the jeep – including Thorsen – suffered injuries including one who had to be taken to hospital, though police say nobody was seriously hurt.

The driver of the Mercedes and a passenger – both of them women – have been arrested and charged with causing or being complicit in grievous bodily harm.

This is the moment a car carrying Norwegian anti-Islam group leader Lars Thorsen was rammed off a motorway near Oslo moment after he burned copies of the Koran

Thorsen, a provocateur and self-styled free speech activist, was followed by a grey Mercedes after setting light to copies of the Muslim holy book, before the driver ran him off the road

Police say the driver and her passenger – who they have not named – were present minutes before the crash as Thorsen and his supporters set light to copies of the Koran outside a mosque in the Oslo suburb of Mortensrud.

Thorsen and his entourage had burned several copies of the holy book in areas where large numbers of Muslims live, before heading to the mosque.

Police say scuffles broke out between worshippers and Thorsen’s entourage, who yelled obscenities at the crowd.

The SIAN protesters then got into the jeep and drove away, followed by a group of people from Alternativ Media.

Investigators say they have footage of the female driver and her passenger watching the Koran burning and helping to put out the fire, before driving after Thorsen.

Footage captured on that drive shows the woman caught up to Thorsen as he joined the E6 motorway heading into Oslo from Mortensrud.

She rams his vehicle several times as it navigates a roundabout leading on to the motorway, then speeds ahead and stops across a lane in an apparent attempt to force Thorsen to a standstill.

Thorsen passes and the woman gives chase, ramming the rear of his vehicle as it drives down the inside lane – causing it to turn around, roll into a ditch by the side of the road, and turn over.

Footage taken immediately after the incident shows how Thorsen and his entourage were forced to crawl to safety through the car’s broken windows or else smash the remaining glass to get out.

Most of them are visibly bloody,  while one – a woman – had to lie down at the side of the road after apparently injuring her back.

Later footage shows paramedics treating that woman at the roadside and loading her on to a stretcher.

Police arrested the driver of the vehicle a short time later and have since charged her with causing grievous bodily harm.

Her passenger was arrested the following day, and has also been charged with being complicit in GBH.

Both women were in police custody on Monday, national broadcaster NRK reported, adding that they pleaded not guilty.

Thorsen spoke to the outlet after the crash, describing it as ‘unpleasant’ but ‘not surprising.’

He said he went ahead with the Koran-burning in response to charges brought against him following another protest at an Islamic centre in Oslo earlier this year.

Thorsen, who promotes himself as a free speech activist standing up for Norwegian values, is accused of battery against three people he targeted with pepper spray as well as damage after allegedly getting red pain on a man’s clothes.

Video taken by anti-immigration activists riding behind Thorsen’s vehicle shows his entourage crawling from the upturned vehicle while bloodied and bruised

One person had to be taken to hospital after apparently hurting her back, though police say nobody suffered serious injuries

It is hardly the first time that Thorsen or SIAN – a protest group formed in 2008 and which has links with other anti-Islam groups in Europe – have staged Koran burnings, having pulled a similar stunt back in April.

The group have been involved in vocal protests for years which often attract large counter demonstrations, and sometimes end in violence.

NRK says Thorsen had applied for a permit to conduct Saturday’s Koran-burnings, but was denied permission by police who said the risk to public safety was too great.

Burning the Koran has become a favoured stunt of anti-Islam groups, particularly in Scandinavian countries which took in large numbers of Muslims following the 2015 European migration crisis.

Rasmus Paludan, a notorious Danish-Swedish agitator, caused mass unrest in Sweden in April this year when he toured the south of the country with the aim of burning Korans in areas with large numbers of Muslims during Ramadan.

Hundreds took to the streets in cities including Stockholm, Linkoping, and Norrkoping in unrest that lasted several nights and led to dozens of arrests, with officers attacked and vehicles set ablaze.

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