Antonios Pagourtzis Claims His Son Is A Victim

The father of Dimitrios Pagourtzis says the shooter ‘may have been bullied.’

Antonios Pagourtzis, the father of accused Santa Fe, Texas school shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis, is saying that his son is a victim, as there must have been a reason that his son opened fire on his classmates at the Texas high school. Pagourtzis says he suspects that bullying might have been behind the shooting which left 10 people dead, and he believes that something must have happened just before the attack.

Time says that Antonios Pagourtzis, the father of Dimitrios Pagourtzis gave an interview with Greece’s Antenna TV, and said he believes that his son must have been under pressure, and that “perhaps” he was being bullied.

“Something must have happened now, this last week. Somebody probably came and hurt him, and since he was a solid boy, I don’t know what could have happened. I can’t say what happened. All I can say is what I suspect as a father.”

Nicholas Poehl, the attorney for the accused Santa Fe school shooter, says that he is investigating the possibility that bullying led to Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a formerly quiet student to bring weapons to school to shoot certain classmates and teachers. The guns in question belong to the father of the alleged shooter.

Antonios Pagourtzis explains that his guns were kept in a closet at the family home and Dimitrios Pagourtzis was able to access them on his way to school that day. He says that he does not see his son as a criminal because the guns did not belong to him.

“My son, to me, is not a criminal, he’s a victim. The kid didn’t own guns. I owned guns.”

The elder Pagourtzis says that he saw no signs that anything was wrong with his son, and that Dimitrios did not use drugs or alcohol. He says that he saw no signs that his son had a predisposition to violence. He hints that something might have possessed his son before the shooting.

“He pulled the trigger but he is not this person. It is like we see in the movies when someone gets into his body and does things that are not done. It’s not possible in one day for the child to have changed so much.”

CNN confirms that the suspected school shooter is being held without bail and has been charged with capital murder. Antonios Pagourtzis has personally had his own “run-ins” with the law, including an assault in 2012 where he was said to have punched a man in the face. The alleged shooter’s father says that the handgun and the sawed-off shotgun that Dimitrios Pagourtzis used in the shooting belonged to him and says he has a permit.

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