AOC's woke engagement ring is zero-emissions and recycled gold

No ring of truth! AOC is blasted for boasting her engagement ring is ‘zero emission and recycled gold’ – expert says almost ALL of the precious metal is reused anyway

  • On Thursday, AOC spoke about her sparkler when she made the big announcement sharing news of her engagement
  • Many suggested AOC’s claim of zero emissions meant the diamond she was wearing was created in a lab, and not extracted from the earth
  • Fans of the official gushed about her upcoming nuptials and loved that her forever band was emission free
  • The Bronx-Queens lawmaker met her longtime beau,Riley Roberts when they were undergrad students at Boston University
  • The couple got engaged in Ocasio-Cortez’s native Puerto Rico
  • She said she ‘taking some space to savor’ their engagement before the wedding

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shared details of her very ethical engagement ring on Twitter –  announcing: ‘It’s zero emission and recycled gold.’

The US representative, 32, shared the nugget of info when journalist Francesca Fiorentini tweeted her to say: ‘Your ring gotta be made of tinfoil otherwise the right’s gonna flip.’ 

AOC – who announced her engagement to marketer boyfriend Riley Roberts on Thursday – didn’t explain what she meant by zero emissions.

Experts have speculated whether the progressive Democrat socialist has opted for an artificial ‘lab grown’ diamond rather than the traditional mined variety.

Those are often dug out of the ground by impoverished people suffering horrendous working conditions, leading to the term ‘blood diamond.’ 

They’ve speculated that AOC’s ring may have cost anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000.  

Peter Kahan, of Katz Jewelry in New York’s Diamond District disputed AOC’s claims of recycled gold and told The New York Post that ‘recycled gold is a marketing term used to promote the gold. All gold is recycled. No gold is ever wasted. 

He added: ‘If it’s grown in a laboratory … it’s not a blood diamond’

AOC shared details of her engagement ring when a journalist joked that anything too extravagant would leave her open to condemnation from conservative rivals  

Some of AOC’s 13 million Twitter followers spoke approvingly of her ethical engagement band.

‘Hero,’ wrote one person

 ‘Lot of hearts breaking. You’re a class act please don’t change. Congratulations,’ said another.

‘Best wishes to you both!!’ 

Meanwhile, others weren’t feeling the love with some questioning her claims, and inserting their angst on her political agenda.

‘Originally mined, pre-recycling, by slave labor… I thought you were progressive..’

‘But, tax the rich right?’ said one person.

‘Gets a zero emissions and recycled gold engagement ring then votes to send $50 billion to fund a war that will create a ton of emissions. Laughable,’ said another.

They were referring to AOC’s recent vote to continue sending billions of dollars worth of US-made arms to Ukraine.  

 ‘Was it fair trade gold to start with? You are still a hypocrite.’  

Republican Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is engaged to her longtime love boasting on Twitter that her wedding band is ‘zero emissions’ and ‘made from recycled gold’

Riley Roberts and Alexandra Ocasia-Cortez, 32, met as undergradute students at Boston University. Riley, a marketing professional, is originally from Arizona 

Roberts, who has been described as a ‘important partner’ was featured in a 2018 documentary on his future wife’s primary campaign: ‘Knock Down the House,’ The Insider reported

The Bronx-Queens lawmaker met her longtime beau, Riley Roberts, a marketing professional, when the pair were both undergraduate students at Boston University. 

The pair had went their separate ways once they finished school and Roberts went back home to Arizona. They later rekindled their romance, the news outlet reported

Roberts, who has been described as a ‘important partner’ was featured in a 2018 documentary on his future wife’s primary campaign: ‘Knock Down the House,’ The Insider reported. 

In April, the couple got engaged in AOC’s native Puerto Rico. She told The Insider she was ‘taking some space to savor’ their engagement before the wedding planning process.   

Despite the critics, AOC’s ring made quite a splash with John Buckley, owner of Tuscany Rose Watch and Diamond, who told The Post AOC’s ring had quite a bit of ‘panache.’

 ‘It appears to be a nice make,’ Buckley said in part.  ‘From the pics I’m gonna say it’s a 1.75-2.25 carat solitaire, set in a yellow gold.’ 

He added a ring of that stature can start at $10k and go up to a whopping $30k, 

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