At 20 inches tall, Pumuckel the pony is vying for the title of world's smallest horse

An art therapy Shetland pony named Pumuckel who visits German kindergarteners and retirement homes is poised to break the Guinness World Record as the world’s smallest pony, owner Carola Weidemann told Reuters.

Pumuckel is a “cuddly” three-year-old pony who lives in western Germany, the outlet reported. He hovers on sturdy hooves measuring about 20 inches tall and is an absolute “darling,” Weidemann said.

Although the current record-holder Bombel – a mini Appaloosa horse born with dwarfism – is about 2 inches taller than Pumuckel, Guinness World Record told Weidemann in an email that ponies under age four are ineligible eligible for the title. So, Weidemann will try again next year, she said via the outlet.

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Bask in the glory of Pumuckel, a hopeful champion for all the short kings and queens of the horse kingdom:

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