Babes in the Wood killer's ex-girlfriend found guilty of perjury and perverting course of justice over his 1987 trial

THE ex-girlfriend of Babes in the Wood killer Russell Bishop has today been found guilty of "prolifically" lying to help acquit him.

Jenny Johnson’s evidence “significantly undermined” the horrific double murder trial in 1997 and meant Bishop went on to attack a seven-year-old girl.

Bishop was eventually convicted of murdering nine-year-olds Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway in 2018.

Johnson, 55, was today convicted by a jury on one count of perjury and one count of perverting the course of justice.

Lewes Crown Court heard how Johnson told "lies that were important".

This included Johnson claiming a crucial piece of evidence – a sweatshirt found near the scene – did not belong to Bishop.

The blue Pinto jumper turned up a "one-in-a-billion" DNA match to Bishop after advances were made in science.

Johnson claimed she was intimidated by Bishop and his family to change her story.

She told cops in 2018: "It’s a nightmare and I’m still living it. He’s a monster.

"I lived my life in fear. I’m still living my life in fear. I met a monster, I didn’t even know but I was young. Young, naive and weak.

“This nightmare will never end, it will never end. They should’ve brought back hanging.”

Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows, both 9, were afraid of the dark and spoke of a "bogeyman" in the park when they vanished on October 9, 1986.

The pair had gone to buy chips and then made their way to Wild Park — part of the South Downs — half a mile from their homes where they played until dusk.

They were discovered the next day in a woodland den, with Karen lying across Nicola with her head in her friend's lap and their hands close together

Post mortem results revealed both Karen and Nicola had bruising across their bodies and were strangled to death.

Their underwear had either been removed or changed and there was evidence they were both sexually assaulted.

Karen would have lost consciousness but death would not have been instant.

Nicola appeared to have been "punched or struck" on the cheek and there was evidence she had been sexually assaulted while alive and after she died.

"Wicked" Bishop even took part in a police hunt for the girls and appeared "grief-stricken" when told they were dead.

Bishop later told a neighbour the vision of them lying across each other was a sight he would never forget.

How Russell Bishop finally faced justice

October 9, 1986: Nicola and Karen, both nine, go missing from their homes in Moulsecoomb, Brighton, East Sussex.

October 10: The bodies of the girls are found huddled together at Wild Park.

December 10, 1987: Bishop is cleared of their murders at Lewes crown court, East Sussex.

December, 13, 1990: Bishop is convicted of a seven-year-old’s attempted murder, kidnapping and indecent assault.

October 16, 2018: He goes on trial again for murders of Nicola and Karen after Court of Appeal gave CPS authority to quash acquittals.

December 10, 2018: Bishop is found guilty of murder in just two hours after an agonising 32 year wait for the family

He went on trial for murder a year later but was controversially acquitted.

But he gave harrowing details of the murder scene only the killer could have known – including how one of the girls had foam around her mouth.

Fiend Bishop lapped up publicity after he was originally cleared of murder – warning the double child killer was still at large.

He even vowed to "keep fighting" in sickening TV interviews – and claimed the ordeal would stay with him for life.

The monster then went on to kidnap and attempt to strangle a seven-year-old girl – leaving her for dead at Devil's Dyke.

While he was serving life in prison for the horrific attack, he once again stood trial for the Babes in the Wood double murder after a DNA breakthrough.

Bishop was convicted of murder in just two hours in 2018 and caged for life after the double-jeopardy law changed.

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