Baby born inside amniotic sac in astonishing video of ‘1-in-80,000 miracle’

This video shows the astoundingly-rare moment a baby boy is born inside his amniotic sac after it failed to break during childbirth.

In the clip, baby Lucas is pulled out of the membrane – commonly known as the "bag of waters" – by the skilled hands of surgeons after being gently delivered by cesarean.

As the baby is cleaned up he gives out his first cry and a tiny kick as he takes his very first breath of air.

In the background, the sound of sobbing is heard and his mum Janaina Fernandes Costa later said the birth had been "the most beautiful thing".

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The incredible footage was taken at the Hospital Ana Costa in the city of Santos in the south-eastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo when 34-year-old Janaina had an emergency cesarean to deliver her baby boy – whose full name is Lucas Fernandes de Lisboa Costa.

One of the doctors who recorded the incident, Guilherme Pereira Martins, said that a baby being born inside its amniotic sac “is rare in normal birth, one in every 80,000”.

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He added that in the case of a cesarean, "it depends a lot on the dexterity and patience of the surgeon".

Mother Janaina had to undergo an emergency cesarean due to gestational hypertension – otherwise known as high blood pressure – which can lead to the life-threatening condition pre-eclampsia.

Dr Martins told local media: “As this is a manoeuvre of a certain technical difficulty and does not pose any risk to the baby, the hospital's resident doctor and I opted to try to do the foetal extraction without breaking the amniotic membranes and we did it.”

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Delighted mum Janaina said: “At the time I couldn’t see anything. I only noticed the movements and heard the comments. I saw how animated the nurses and doctors were, as they were recording and taking photos.

“After the effects of the anesthetic passed, the obstetrician explained everything to me. I only saw he was born in the sac on the video. I thought it was the most beautiful thing and I was emotional.”

In an update, Dr Martines revealed that mum and son “were well and at home” and confirmed that the baby boy is joining two daughters in the family.

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