BBC Weather: 70mph gales to disrupt commuters as Met Office issue ‘danger to life’ warning

BBC Weather: Strong winds and fog forecast for UK

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BBC Weatherman Matt Taylor revealed on BBC Breakfast many early risers on Monday and Tuesday can expect to see strong winds disrupting their morning commutes as the UK sees the back of Storm Arwen and Barra. Mr Taylor added the winds will eventually calm down and will give way to a much calmer and milder week with a risk of fog across most of the country expected on Tuesday. And the Met Office issued a new series of yellow wind warnings, with experts warning that “injuries and danger to life from flying debris are possible’.

Temperatures are also in a wide range with early mornings being only slightly above freezing but rising to around 12C later on, with Mr Taylor remarking it is much warmer than average for this time of year.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Taylor looked at the week ahead and noted the abnormal temperatures.

He added some areas of the UK will also experience fog and strong winds – reaching 70mph+ – for a fairly mild week ahead.

He told the programme: “It’s a bit blowy out there this morning, especially across northern parts of Scotland.

“Quite wild through the night, winds and gusts recorded at 78mph in the last hour or so in parts of Shetland.

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“But after that, a windy start and a mild start, later this week the winds fall light and so get ready for the end of the week which could be quite foggy at times.

“And it’d be a little bit chilly, especially at night.”

The UK has seen unsettled weather over the past few weeks with Storm Arwen and Barra bringing misery for those located in the north.

The storms have claimed at least four lives and knocked out power for thousands of homes that struggled to get reconnected due to the devastation.

UK weather: Met Office warns of 'extensive rain' and cold

Mr Taylor noted this week would be much milder but fog can be expected in the south and midlands.

He continued: “A mild start to [Monday], we’ve got temperatures in double figures again through England and Wales.

“But notice there’s some heavy rain pushing across north Wales and heading in towards the north of England.

“Now that’s going to continue and sit across the same areas through the days…

“But we’ve got scattered showers to the north and west of Scotland throughout today.

“At least the winds will be easing down in the next few hours but it will still remain fairly blowy out there right away into the afternoon.

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“Showers could be wintry on the tops of the hills, temperatures around seven or eight degrees around where we should be the stage in December.”

Mr Taylor also revealed the strong early winds will begin to die down as the week continues with fog expected to form in the early mornings.

He added: “Through the [Monday] afternoon, [rain] sits and drizzles further south but 12-13 degrees again, should only be around seven degrees at this stage in the year.

“So a very mild end to the day but a cooler night comes tonight.

“Outbreaks of rain push the way south with skies clear, could be a risk of fog tonight across parts of northern England, the Midlands and Wales especially.

“But the breeze picks up in the northwest of Scotland and rain returns.

“Temperatures only a few degrees above freezing tomorrow morning so it’s a cold start to tomorrow, but it’s gonna be flipped around [Tuesday].

“Mildest in the north, coolest in the South. a lot of dry weather to come away from the north of Scotland.”

Some meteorologists are predicting further storms could hit the UK later this week after Arwen and Barra.

Head of meteorological operations at The Weather Company, Leon Brown, told The Sun: “After Tuesday, another storm is likely to be named.

“A very strong Atlantic jer stream win creates more deep low-pressure areas.”

Forecasters are also predicting some 70mph gales could batter the country on December 16.

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