BBC Weather: ‘Uncomfortable’ warm nights here to stay as scorching heatwave gets hotter

BBC Weather: Kirkwood forecasts ‘warm’ nights

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BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood forecast the UK can expect the weather to remain extremely hot with some areas seeing temperatures getting even hotter as the week progresses. Sunday already saw the hottest day of the year so far as Ms Kirkwood admitted it was bad news for those struggling to sleep in the heat as night temperatures remain high. She added some areas may see isolated thunderstorms but the large majority of the country will avoid them.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood revealed the hottest day of the year was recorded on Sunday at 31.6C at Heathrow. 

She explained much of the hot weather will stay for the rest of the week, including stuffy and warm nights. 

She said: “It’s also been quite uncomfortable for sleeping in, temperatures currently in the Isle of Wight 21C and 20C in London. 

“But if you’re in the Highlands at the moment, it’s about 6.5C that’s because we’ve got a bit more cloud around. 

“The forecast for today once again, it’s a hot sunny one for the bulk of the UK and we could say that for much of this week. 

“There is the chance that we could catch the odd isolated thunderstorm which could be quite heavy. 

“Later in the [Monday] afternoon into the early evening period but most of us will miss them.”

Ms Kirkwood said some areas in the north will see some clouds bringing cooler weather throughout the week.

BBC Weather: Heatwave conditions forecast to continue

She continued: “We do have a bit of cloud around, it’s fairly broken, there’s a little bit of fog across parts of Northern Ireland – all of that will lift and we’ll see some sunshine. 

“Some of us already started with that sunshine, a bit more cloud perhaps hanging on to the northeast of Scotland through the day and again there’s that risk of a thunderstorm. 

“As we go through the course of the latter part of the afternoon, temperatures once again ranging from 13C in the north to about 28C or maybe 30C as we come further south. 

“Now through this [Monday] evening and overnight, heavy showers will tend to fade and there will be a lot of clear skies. 


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“A little bit more clouds and some mist forming as parts of the north and the west. 

“Once again, it’s going to be a fairly warm night in prospect. 

“So that’s how we start the day [Tuesday], fairly warm and again a lot of blue sky at the start the day.”

The Met Office believes some areas of the UK could see temperatures reach 32C, making that the hottest day of the year so far. 

The hottest day recorded in UK history was July 25 2019 where the mercury topped 38.7C.

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