BBC Weather: Warning for fuel queuers as torrential rain causes fear of flooded roads

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts blustery conditions

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Carol Kirkwood appeared on BBC Breakfast and reveal most of the UK will see very heavy rain on Tuesday with the very southwest of England not seeing the worst of the weather until much later in the day. But as the weather front moves over the UK, Wednesday will see another move in from the east again potentially making it a very wet week. Flood warnings have been issued for some parts of the country that could disrupt motorists and those panic buying at petrol garages.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood explained most of the UK will see heavy rain on Tuesday with the very southeast of England seeing downpours late in the day.

She told the programme: “Today is once again going to be fairly blustery.

“Although I must say by the time we get to the afternoon the winds will be easing a touch across Scotland and also Northern Ireland but there is rain on the cards.

“Now what’s happening [Tuesday] morning is some of us are starting off with a bright start with some sunshine.

“We’ve got showers across the south of England also across western Scotland, Northern Ireland.

“And then more persistent and heavy rain coming in across Wales and southwest England will push eastward and northward, getting into southeastern parts of Scotland.”

Ms Kirkwood then looked later in the day with the weather front moving over the rest of the country.

She continued: “Through the course of the afternoon, not getting to the far southeast of England until probably around tea time…

BBC Weather: Europe set for heavy showers as front sets in

“But you can see there will be some showers.

“Now, temperatures today ranging from 12C in the north and about 17C or 18C as we push down towards the south.

“We mentioned some of this rain will be heavy in western parts of England and also parts of Wales.

“We can have as much as 15 to 25 millimetres fall especially so on the hills.”

Ms Kirkwood then explained as the weather front moves over the UK it will leave behind some clear skies.

She added: “Now that rain will eventually push over towards the east and by the end of the [Tuesday] night, most if not all of it will have cleared the east coast.

“Leaving behind some clear skies and still a rash of showers.

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“The wind strengthening once again and in northern parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, temperatures could actually dip as low as three or four degrees.

“Then [Wednesday] we say goodbye to this weather front, it will still linger quite close to Shetland.

“So at times, you may well just see a bit more cloud and some rain.

“But for most of the UK, after some showers to start the day which potentially could be heavy.”

Ms Kirkwood then said low pressure could build once again with another weather front moving in from the east.

In September, the entire UK averages 10 days of rain, totalling 70 millimetres (2.7 inches).

Motorists have been queuing up at petrol garages across the UK over fears of fuel shortages.

However, the Government has insisted there is no shortage of fuel and is simply an issue with supply chains and a shortage of HGV drivers.

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