Biden stumbles and almost falls over AGAIN while boarding Air Force One two weeks after slip-up

JOE Biden stumbled and almost fell over again while boarding Air Force One two weeks after his slip-up.

New footage shows the president, 78, tripping as he walked up the stairs to the aircraft in the rain today.

However, Biden quickly caught himself and did not drop to the floor.

This was almost the second time in two weeks that the president took a tumble on the steps.

On March 19, Biden tripped a total of three times as he made his way up the stairs to board Air Force One.

However, he quickly recovered and carried on up the stairs, giving a salute before entering the aircraft.

The White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden is "doing 100 percent fine" following the fall.

Just hours before the second trip, Donald Trump slammed the president for his multiple trips earlier this month.

"Well I think the press conference is probably the least of it," Trump said.

"People saw a lot of things happening long-prior to the press conference – and even the trip up the stairs – up and down, three times – there are a lot of things going on, so we'll see what happens.

"I hope he's in good shape I hope he's OK for the sake of the country."

He went on to compare the media coverage of Biden's fall, with how Trump walked down a ramp following a speech.

"But they covered that for weeks, and this guy falls down three times, he couldn't get up, the third time he didn't know where the hell he was.

"And it was not on the evening news, other than a couple of networks, but it wasn't ABC, CBS, NBC, and it got almost no coverage. It's incredible," he said.

Biden’s campaign video mocking Trump struggling to walk down a ramp started trending on social media after the President fell on Air Force One’s stairs.

But following the embarrassing trip, his campaign footage making fun of Trump struggling to walk downstairs began trending on Twitter. 

A voiceover says over a montage of the Biden nominee rushing around: "Some people are always in a hurry — they run when they could walk,

"Race up steps when others take it slow," the male voice continues as a clip of Biden running up a ramp is followed by Trump slowly descending the West Point ramp.

The then-president defended himself by claiming the ramp was "long and steep and slippery" and blamed his footwear choice.

Late last year Biden was seen wearing his typical navy blue suit with a cast on his right foot outside The Queen theater in Delaware.

He appeared at the venue in Wilmington to formally unveil his six-person economic team, a core group that includes veterans from previous Democratic administrations and historic firsts.

Biden was forced to wear the protective boot for "several weeks" after x-rays revealed a "hairline fracture" in his foot.

Journalists assigned to Biden first revealed the injury.

"On Saturday Nov. 28, President-elect Biden slipped while playing with his dog Major, and twisted his ankle," a pool report said.

"Out of an abundance of caution, he will be examined this afternoon by an orthopedist."

In a statement to MSNBC, Dr Kevin O'Connor said: "Follow-up CT scan confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden’s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot."

After an initial examination, Biden was sent to an orthopedist for a CT scan, which revealed the fracture.

Soon after, former President Donald Trump sent Biden his well wishes on Twitter and shared an NBC clip of the Democrat leaving the clinic.

"Get well soon!" Trump said.

According to the Delaware Humane Society, the former vice president and his wife Dr Jill Biden got to know Major while fostering him.

The animal-loving couple – who also own a German shepherd called Champ, 12 – adopted Major in 2018, a few months before Biden announced his presidential run.

He was one of six puppies brought to a shelter “after being exposed to something toxic” in their previous home, according to the Washington Post.

The pooch became the first shelter dog to live at the White House when the Bidens moved in on January 20.

Major was recently in the dog house after he reportedly behaved aggressively toward White House staff.

The german shepherd had a “biting incident” with a White House security member, two sources told CNN on Monday. 

The extent of the injury to the security staff was not immediately known.

But the injury was serious enough that Major and Biden’s other dog, Champ, were taken back to Wilmington, Delaware, where they will stay.

Major, 3, had shown agitated behavior on several occasions including “charging” at staff, jumping and barking, sources told CNN. 

Biden's tumble is the latest of many gaffes that eagle-eyed Americans have spotted.

During a press conference touting the Covid-19 vaccine rollout on Thursday, Biden, 78, experienced a slip of the tongue about his second-in-command.

"The hardest hit and suffered the most especially black, latino, native american, and rural communities," he began

Biden went on to say that he believed that efficiency had to be met with "fairness" before the gaffe.

"President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona not long ago," he said after a brief pause.

"One of the nurses on that tour injecting people giving vaccinations said that each shot was like administerig a dose of hope

Biden didn't acknowledge his mistake and went on to explain the benefits of the vaccine rollout.

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