Bishop Curry steals the show at march protesting Donald Trump

‘Love thy neighbor, even if you don’t like them!’: Break-out star of the royal wedding Bishop Curry joins march against Donald Trump with another hair-raising speech on love

  • Bishop Michael Curry steals the show at ‘Reclaiming Jesus’ candlelit vigil in Washington 
  • He tells thousands at church service: ‘Love the neighbor you like and love the neighbor you don’t like.’
  • Service followed by march to the White House  in protest of Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policies

Bishop Michael Curry regaled an audience in Washington with a speech steeped in messages on love almost a week on from his animated sermon at the Royal Wedding.

The break-out star from Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle delivered another rousing sermon to a reported 2,000 people at National City Christian Church before leading a march to Lafayette Square which faces the White House.

The march, organized by the group Reclaiming Jesus that is made up of senior Christian leaders, was in protest to the ‘America First’ policies spearheaded by President Donald Trump.

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Bishop Michael Curry (left) sings with worshipers and clergymen near the White House  in a vigil titled ‘Reclaiming the Integrity of Faith During Political and Moral Crisis’

The presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church stole the show once again on a night that called on Christians think about Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policies

The reverend delivered another rousing speech filled with messages about love before leading the march from National City Christian Church

Bishop Clarke spoke again at Lafayette Square that sits facing the White House

Bishop Curry, who is presiding reverend of the progressive American Episcopal church, preached with emotional conviction last night:

‘Love your neighbor. Love the neighbor you like and the neighbor you don’t like. Love the neighbor you agree with and the neighbor you don’t agree with. 

‘Love your Democrat neighbor and your Republican neighbor, your black neighbor and your white neighbor, your Latino neighbor and your LGBT neighbor. 

‘Love your neighbor! That’s why we’re here!’

CNN reported Bishop Curry received a standing ovation before he’d even uttered a word.

Bishop Curry at the service ahead of the match Sojourners founding reverend Jim Wallis (right)

The service was followed by a demonstration outside the White House where leaders of the Reclaiming Jesus contingent read out a declaration denouncing Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda.

‘We reject ‘America First’ as a theological heresy for followers of Christ. While we share a patriotic love for our country, we reject xenophobic or ethnic nationalism that places one nation over others as a political goal.

‘It is time to be followers of Jesus before anything else — nationality, political party, race, ethnicity, gender, geography — our identity in Christ precedes every other identity.’

The religious leaders also condemn ‘the growing attacks on immigrants and refugees, who are being made into cultural and political targets’ and ‘the practice and pattern of lying that is invading our political and civil life.’

‘The normalization of lying presents a profound moral danger to the fabric of society.’

Bishop Curry’s appearance comes almost a week after he lit up St George’s Chapel in Windsor with an equally impassioned at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

His lengthy preach drew smirks from sections of the Royal family and smiles from the happy couple as Curry delved into the meaning of the power of love.

He now-famously remarked: ‘Two young people fell in love, and we showed up.’ 

The sermon was one of Bishop Curry’s more entertaining speeches 

Harry and Meghan were visibly delighted with the service

The Bishop enjoyed newfound fame in the week following the Royal Wedding

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