Bizarre moment Taliban ride dodgems and merry-go-round after seizing theme park as others hunt victims on ‘kill list’

TALIBAN thugs have been having fun riding dodgems at a captured theme park – as others go door-to-door with a kill list.

Bizarre video shows the armed fanatics, who carry out brutal executions, stonings and amputations, also riding on a merry-go-round.

Footage from shows the driving the toy cars around and seemingly enjoying themselves.

The two can be seem laughing and smiling as they they drive around into other dodgems – with their guns propped up in the passenger seat.

In other video, Taliban fighters were also seen riding ponies on a merry-go-round at the theme park.

It comes as disturbing reports are already emerging from Afghanistan going door-to-door with a kill list with women face torture and execution under brutal new rules.

The Taliban are now in complete control of the country and government troops have been seen surrendering to them.

Taliban forces have already pledged to reintroduce the twisted laws which saw them brutalise women and gay people when they ruled Afghanistan in the 90s.

And there have already been reports throughout their advance of women being shot dead and girls as young as 12 being dragged from their homes to be "married".

It appears however their first mission is tick off victims who have made their way onto their "kill list" as they hunt down anyone who may have helped forces of the US, UK and other nations during the occupation.

And they are reportedly going door-to-door in Kabul as they hunt for soldiers, police, government officials and journalists.

Brutality looks set to reign again in Afghanistan, with Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen saying punishments and executions are up to the "religious followers and the courts".

Asked specifically about the horrific violence meted out in the 90s, such as chopped off hands and feet and stonings, he said: "I can’t say right now. It is up to the courts and the judges and the laws.”


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