Black bear enjoys dip in koi pond and plays with the plastic ducks

The bare necessities! Black bear enjoys a dip in a Pennsylvania koi pond and even plays with the plastic ducks

  • Black bear was filmed playing with some plastic ducks in a newly-built koi pond
  • Footage from Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, shows the bear swimming in the water
  • It then playfully paws and chews on multiple plastic ducks bobbing around

A bear hilariously faced off against a team of plastic ducks after breaking into a newly-built koi pond for a quick swim.

Footage captured in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, shows a large bear wander over to the pond before slowly submerging into the water.

The pond’s owner, who filmed the footage, is heard telling the bear to ‘get out of there!’

A black bear enters a newly-built koi pond in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, for a quick dip in the water

The bear slowly paddles its way around the pond, munching on the plant matter and vegetation floating on the surface of the water

After entering the water, the bear slowly paddles around the pond, chewing on some of the floating plants and vegetation.

The bear seemed carefree until it came across a collection of yellow plastic ducks and two life-like fake duck floating on the surface of the water.

The deep water forces the bear to stand on its hind legs as it approaches one of the yellow ducks. 

The duck receives a curious paw swipe from the bear before it tries to chew on the fake bird.

It doesn’t take long for the bear to notice one of the bright yellow plastic ducks floating on the water. The duck receives a curious paw swipe from the bear before it tries to chew on the fake bird

Then the bear notices a life-like plastic duck also floating on the water and it wanders over for a closer inspection. It gets its foot caught in fishing wire under the duck giving the impression the duck had charged at the bear

The pond’s owner is heard saying: ‘It’s killing my duck, my plastic duck!’

This is followed by the bear ‘attacking’ one of the life-like ducks after getting its leg caught on some fishing string below the duck – making it seem like the animal had charged the bear.

After pawing and chewing the duck to make sure it was no longer a threat, the bear slowly paddles off again to eat more of the plant matter.

The footage was originally filmed on July 24 but recently re-emerged on social media.

The black bear quickly leaps backwards through the water and tries to grab the duck in its powerful jaws to eliminate the ‘threat’

After a tentative paw and a good chew, the bear realises that the duck is nothing more than another fake and begins swimming off to munch on more vegetation

Speaking about the bear’s antics, the pond owner said: ‘We just finished building our koi pond In June and we’ve seen a few bears walk around it but never went in before.

‘It was over 90° f that day on to of the mountain so the koi pond was a perfect place for the bear to cool off. 

‘The bear didn’t bother any of our fish, crayfish, or frogs. It did leave a few small puncture holes in the pond liner but they were an easy fix.’

Only black bears are found in Pennsylvania and it is believed that around 20,000 of the animals currently call the state home.

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