Black Woman Confronts Teen Wearing Confederate Flag Who Called Her The N-Word: 'We’re All People’

A young white racist called the wrong Black woman the N-word.

In a video shared on Facebook by “Ayo Henry,” the woman can be seen spotting the young man, outfitted in a Confederate flag hoodie, riding his bike along the street.

“Hey you little s—t,” she yelled from the passenger’s side window as she pulled over to address him one-on-one. “Remember that time you called me a n—-r?! Remember that.”

Atlanta Black Star reports that the teen first gave her a chase, taking off on his bicycle and hiding behind an apartment building. But once the woman caught up with the unidentified teen, she pressed him about his actions.

“Who’s your mother?” she repeatedly asked until the boy apologized for using the racial slur and said he was in a “bad mood” that day.

“Ayo Henry” then asked where he learned his racist attitudes, to which he replied: “I was hanging out with the wrong people.”

The woman made sure to leave him with a word that’ll make him reconsider speaking ill of anyone in such a way again.

“We’re all people. You understand that right? Black, white, brown, red, ones with big ears, ones with small ears, all of them,” she said. “You need to rethink who you’re hanging out with. And I appreciate your apology but, to be honest, you need to come correct. Because I could be the wrong Black person. I could have a gun; I could have friends with guns. And you’re lucky I’m not. I’m a mother.”

She ended her roadside confrontation with a “God bless you,” which hopefully makes this kid have a come-to-Jesus moment.

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