Bloke wins 60p cola in £1 tombola – but Brits reckon he’s snagged a bargain

A man has won a 60p cola from a £1 tombola entry, but Brits reckon he's managed to snag a bargain.

A Reddit user posted about his "epic" win, along with a photograph of the fizzy prize.

He wrote: "Won this bottle of 60p Diet Cola in a £1 tombola yesterday. Hasn’t sunk in yet. I never win anything."

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The picture showed a two-litre plastic bottle of Asda's Diet Cola with the winning ticket number (182) still attached to it.

His post has quickly racked up almost 300 comments – many of them thrilled for the lucky winner and some even expressing a little jealousy.

One person wrote: "You lucky SOB. You hit the jackpot", while another declared: "This is why tombolas are brilliant. Will you win the hamper of fancy goods or will you win the can of Lidl sliced peaches? Who knows! The thrill is unrivalled."

In response to that excited post, a third individual added: "Then if its a rubbish prize you can donate it to the next tombola. I wonder what item holds the record for most recycles through a tombola."

Continuing the celebratory tone, one person reasoned: "Look at it like you’ve paid 40p to save the effort of you driving/walking to Asda for some own brand cola."

A fifth pointed out: "You paid 40p for the experience of walking up to collect your prize like a boss. Worth every penny if you ask me."

And one less fortunate tombola fan said: "Be thankful. I usually win the shampoo on those school fair bottle tombolas."

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Others warned the Redditor to avoid the pitfalls that can cast a shadow over any big win.

"Don't let it go to your head, remember who your real friends are that stood by you over the years," quipped one person.

Another predicted: "Watch long lost relatives come crawling out of the woodwork", while a third simply advised: "Don't let it change you."

Some were less enthusiastic about the prize, though, with one exclaiming: "As a seasoned tombola veteran, I can tell you that this may well be as good as it ever gets."

A second said: "I feel your pain – £1 ticket and I won a 95p (at the time) tin of spam."

But that was quickly followed by another positive reply of: "Result! Spam is epic!"


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