Bodybuilder attacked neighbours after accusing them of throwing bottle

Angry bodybuilder, 26, attacked next door neighbours at knifepoint after he accused them of hurling bottle of urine into his garden

  • Bodybuilder Leon Henry attacked neighbours, claimed they threw bottle of urine
  • Punched the victim so hard his knuckles were bleeding when police arrived
  • Ordered to pay compensation, costs and attend ‘managing emotions’ meeting

A bodybuilder attacked his neighbours at knifepoint after he accused them of hurling a bottle of urine into his front garden.

Leon Henry, 26, punched victim Naeem Sajjad and then pulled a kitchen knife on him and his housemates after claiming the bottle had ended up on his property.

Police were forced to handcuff Henry, a finalist in a bodybuilding championship in 2016.

Manchester Crown Court heard that his knuckles were bleeding after punching Mr Sajjadand.

Bodybuilder Leon Henry attacked his neighbours at knifepoint and told officers his knuckles were bleeding after punching the victim

Officers were called on December 27 last year after reports of an ‘ongoing assault’ outside personal trainer Henry’s home in the Longsight district .

Prosecutor Isobel Thomas said: ‘When they arrived, an officer noticed a male pointing at the defendant saying ‘that’s him, he’s got a knife.’ A constable pointed his taser at the defendant and told him to get on the floor.

‘He was handcuffed and put in the rear of a police van and was seen bleeding from his knuckles. The officer asked how the defendant had done this to his knuckles. He said, ‘I’m not going to lie, I punched him in the face.’

‘One of the other men said the defendant had been threatening him and his housemates then held a knife out and said ‘Come on then’.’

Henry claimed he got into an argument over the bottle of urine which had been thrown towards his address and said he had taken the knife for ‘self-protection.’

But in a statement Mr Sajjad said: ‘I was shocked by this incident.

‘I have no idea why it happened. It was an unprovoked attack. He had no right to do this. He accused my housemates of throwing rubbish into his garden, but this is completely untrue.’

His counsel, Brendan O’Leary said: ‘He is a pleasant and articulate young man and this incident arose out of something that was not of Mr Henry’s own making.

‘The urine was in a bottle on the kitchen table but when the police went to speak to the defendant, they didn’t ask about that. It’s unfortunate.

Manchester Crown Court was told Leon Henry ‘lost his temper’ in the incident last December 

‘It’s clear that Mr Henry lost his temper. He was acting irrationally. He took a knife from his kitchen to protect himself because five of the next-door neighbours came out to speak with him. He should have rung the police immediately. He has moved out because of what happened.’

Henry admitted having a bladed article and assault and was given eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years

He was also ordered to pay Mr Sajjad £500 in compensation, plus £300 costs and attend a rehabilitation programme on managing his emotions.

Judge Clement Goldstone said: ‘You deliberately went round to your next door neighbour’s address with a knife.

‘Although you did not use the knife, you held it very close to him and punched him in the face. He received a cut to his lip and a loose tooth. You received cuts to your knuckles, for which you only have yourself blame.

‘You should never have gone to the house. You should have phoned the police.’

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