BoJo’s storming start to the G7 summit shows he is ready to fight for Britain on the world stage – The Sun

BORIS JOHNSON certainly hit the ground running at the G7 conference in Biarritz.

First he fired off a retaliatory strike at big-mouth European Council president Donald Tusk.  Then he outlined in detail how the US will need to meet us halfway in a future trade deal.

It was a typically combative world stage debut as PM.

And it lit the blue touch paper for today’s meeting with Mr Tusk, whose boneheaded attitude sums up the EU’s rigid determination to play the blame game over No Deal.

Boris is  right to warn Brussels how much they are risking. As he said: “If they don’t want a no-deal Brexit then we have got to get rid of the backstop.’’

Boris also highlighted the miles of red tape holding back British firms  exporting to America.

It is ridiculous that not a morsel of British meat has entered the world’s No1 economy, let alone a pork pie.

It gives plenty of food for thought ahead of the PM’s bilateral talks with President Trump today. But with every problem there comes an opportunity.

And, in stark contrast to Theresa May’s limp fudging, Boris has shown that he is ready to grasp it with both hands.

League of shame

CASH-strapped cops need all the support they can get.

So it is disgraceful that mega-rich football clubs are only coughing up a fraction of the costs of policing their matches.

New figures show the hard-pressed Met  spent more than £10million last year protecting fans around stadiums in  London.

But fat cat clubs in the capital contributed less than £1million towards the bill — leaving taxpayers to pick up the shortfall.

Top Premier League clubs generate billions and lavish millions on players.

With budgets tight and knife violence on the increase, the cops are struggling to keep the lid on crime as it is.

Responsible football clubs should be helping their local communities far more by digging further into their very deep pockets.

Andrew is full of Thot heir

IF Prince Andrew thinks his latest statement will end questioning over his relationship with a  paedophile he better think again.

The eighth-in-line to the throne now admits knowing Jeffrey Epstein for 20 years and says he met him up to 20 times, including the infamous get together AFTER he was jailed for procuring a girl of 14. The Prince must be hoping he never has to give evidence to lawyers.

Because they certainly won’t be fobbed off by such pompous, nonsensical rambling.

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