Bootleg vodka kills 24 drinkers and hospitalises 22 more

BOOTLEG vodka has killed 24 drinkers — with 22 more in hospital.

Victims are aged from 36 to 72. They include Murat Berekeshov, 41, and his wife Aislu, 39 — parents to five children aged from one to 12.

They died as they celebrated assembling furniture at the family home in Orsk, southern Russia.

Some of the victims were found in vehicles trying to reach hospitals after buying the alcohol, which had labels suggesting it was a Siberian-label vodka.

The tainted batch contains highly toxic methanol, used industrially as a solvent, pesticide or fuel.

More than 1,000 bottles have been confiscated, although the fake alcohol is visibly indistinguishable from normal alcohol.

Four men and two women are reported to have been arrested.

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