Boss of ‘hell on earth’ waterpark brands negative reviews ‘outright lies’

The boss of a water park branded "hell on earth" has hit back at a string of negative reviews, branding some "outright lies".

Waterworld owner, Mo Chaudry, launched his attack after some visitors branded the site "overcrowded" and "dirty", and said the customer was not always right.

The Stoke-on-Trent based attraction, which recently saw two people taken to hospital and 46 treated at the scene after an alleged chemical leak, has also faced claims of poor hygiene standards, contaminated water and "facilities in desperate need of renovation".

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Seeking to put the record straight Mr Chaudry admitted the company was "not perfect" but said very few customers complained in person.

He also said some reviews were "not based on facts", according to StokeonTrentLive.

Mr Chaudry said: "Not only are some of the comments unjust, they're actually lies.

"Very few people complain on the day and when they do we deal with them as best we possibly can.

"We know, as a company, we are not perfect, but we are as good as we can be as an organisation.

"We deal with thousands of people on a daily basis and we do our very best."

He also added that the company "don't agree 'the customer is always right'."

Mr Chaudry added: "Customers can sometimes be wrong and we have to deal with that and address it."

Waterworld previously came under fire for 'weird green water', which Mr Chaudry said was intentional to give the attraction a 'tropical feel'.

However, he said it was now 'perfect' – and had been all year, with any recent reviews claiming otherwise 'totally wrong.'

"We have invested millions in this business including improvements to front of house, the restaurant, extending the outdoor pool, new waves and disinfectant systems, new changing rooms and lockers and of course the new slides," said Mr Chaudry.

"So how can anyone say it's old and tired? That's wrong. We have transformed this into an amazing resort.

"As a business we care and it disappoints me some people will just mouth off, subjectively."

Behind the scenes, Waterworld director Wayne Goodall said a lot went on to ensure the place was clean and safe for its 300,000 annual visitors.

He said a team of lifeguards come in at 8am and are responsible for checking the cleanliness, tidiness and health and safety of the resort.

"They do underwater checks every day where they check for any sharp edges, gaps and litter, they also do wet checks of the rides to make sure they are smooth and safe," said Mr Goodall.

He added that the team also carry out dry checks of the smaller slides, walkways and the railings, as well as for any cracks or sharp edges.

"So everything gets cleaned and tidied and a full inspection of the site is carried out by the time we open at 10am – and then we run other checks throughout the day," he said.

"The water is tested every two hours, particularly the chlorine levels and the PH levels which can be adjusted when needed."

Waterworld has 3,760 reviews on TripAdvisor – 1,295 are 'excellent' and 1,108 are either 'poor' or 'terrible'. It also has a 3.9 out of five star ranking on Google, based on 5,737 reviews.

One review on TripAdvisor called the park "hell on earth" before detailing their experience.

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