Boy, 13, killed by super-strength ‘Donkey Kong’ MDMA he bought on Snapchat

A heartbroken mum has spoken out after her 13-year-old boy died in a park following taking a super-strength MDMA pill shaped like Donkey Kong.

Carson Price, from Caerphilly, Wales, died in hospital on April 12 after purchasing the 'Donkey Kong' tablet on Snapchat for just a few pounds. A member of the public saw him being sick and stumbling around a park with friends during the school holidays.

His mum Tatum, is warning other parents to be aware how easy it is for their children to get a hold of the illegal party drugs on social media and of the horrifying moment police called at her door.

In an interview with The Sun, Tatum said recalls how her son was in good spirits on the night he died and was excited to meet up with friends – hours later police knocked at the door.

Tatum, 40, was at home with Carson's dad Brian and little brother Coby when police called around 8pm.

She said: "Brian answered the door, I was in the kitchen pottering. They said, 'Are you Carson Price’s dad?' I heard him say, 'What’s he done?!', thinking it was something ridiculous."

The officer asked to see pictures of Carson to identify him.

He told the mum it "wasn't looking good".

Tatum added: "At that point you don’t want to believe it. I remember I couldn’t catch my breath.

"We did ask for an update on the way to hospital, which we didn’t get."

Tatum revealed how she never thought this would happen to her son who she had considered a sensible, well-behaved and academically successful lad.

But she warned other parents that it is now clear that this could happen to any family, from any background.

This comes as a special report found the availability of some drugs on Britain's streets is almost as easy as getting a pizza.

Dame Carol Black presented the findings of her report on Thursday at the UK Drugs Summit in Glasgow.

Her drugs review put the cost of the illicit trade to society at around £19 billion a year and said budget constraints have negatively affected the main agencies responsible for halting their supply.

Dame Carol started by telling the conference at the SEC: "As all of you will know I am not a drug expert, I'm the independent reviewer.

"I tried very, very hard to find the evidence and to present it in this report.

"We have an abundant supply coming into our countries from around the world, more than ever before.

"It's purer, it's more available, you can buy whichever drug you want almost anywhere.

"It wouldn't be too far to go to say it's almost for some drugs as easy as getting your pizza.

"At the same time we have seen a reduction in very good treatment and recovery, and that again all adds up to leave us as you will see in this report with the perfect storm.

"I believe this perfect storm will not go away unless Government takes action."

The Home Office ordered review found social media has played a "facilitating role" in drawing youngsters into the drugs market.

Last year Tatum's told parents was it could happen to "any child".

"We are normal parents," the mum said.

"And for us that’s why it has hit home so much because it can happen to a normal family. I’m guilty of judging people like that and that’s society. But that’s the scary part.

"There's always going to be naive children out there that are going to think 'I'll be OK if I take it' and we need to educate them that that's not going to happen."

A 14-year-old boy from Pontllanfraith, in Blackwood, was arrested on April 18, 2019, on suspicion of supplying class A drugs, but an inquest into Carson's death heard this was not "directly concerning" his death.

Two more people were arrested in connection with Carson's death.

A 20-year-old man from Pontllanfraith was arrested on April 23, 2019, on suspicion of supplying class A drugs and a 21-year-old man from Newbridge was arrested on June 5 on suspicion of the same offence.

All three were released under investigation.

Carson's funeral took place at Gelligaer Church in Ystrad Mynach on May 7.

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