Boy, 6, plays with inflatable alligator in his garden… but can you spot the real one just feet way?

The terrifying video was recorded by Nicole Mojica while her son, Timmy, played on a slip and slide at their home in Orlando, Florida.

Mojica told WFTV she always performs "gator checks" in her backyard before letting her kids play outside.

She said: "I saw the brown chair move. Oh my God.

"Never would I expect one so close to us. They say they are afraid. Well, he wasn't.

"And he went down the slip and slide and into the pond."

At first glance, the alligator is extremely hard to spot.

But upon closer inspection, you can see the reptile lurking just next to a chair Timmy is standing beside.

It was only later she discovered how close the alligator had come to her son.

In the video commentary, she states: "Summer fun, another day. Go, Timmy, go."

She then even jokes about gator wrangling.

"Wrangling gators. I was hoping to make one of those funny YouTube videos – like the gator did something to you and you popped up in the air."

Donny Aldarelli, an alligator expert, said mating season is followed by nesting season which is when residents can normally find them roaming around their properties.


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