Boy uses his dog’s paw as a stylus while playing a game on his tablet

Who needs a pen anyway! Three-year-old boy uses his unimpressed dog’s paw as a stylus while playing a game on his tablet

  • Jacque Choate recorded her son and dog playing in Rogers County, Oklahoma
  • Denton, three, picked up ‘best friend’ Beneleigh’s paw when he couldn’t find pen
  • The Australian shepherd dog, seven, lays still and stares at ceiling during game

An Australian shepherd dog did not look amused when her owner’s three-year-old son picked up her paw and used it as a stylus while playing a game on a tablet.

Jacque Choate recorded her little boy Denton and dog Beneleigh while at home in Rogers County, Oklahoma.

The resourceful three-year-old needed a pen to help him play a game on the tablet but couldn’t find one so used the next best thing – Beneleigh’s paw.

Dog Beneleigh is sprawled out on the sofa as Denton, three, uses her paw as a pen for his game

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As Denton taps the calm canines paw on the screen the dog narrows her eyes and lays still.

Beneleigh, who is sprawled out on the sofa, stares at the camera and then at the ceiling throughout the game, accepting that there’s no getting away. 

Denton gently pulls the dog’s paw to reach the far side of the tablet and smiles as he plays the game with the help of his ‘best friend.’

The seven-year-old pooch looks over to Denton before focusing on the ceiling as he plays

His mother Jacque said: ‘My three-year-old son likes using his dog’s foot as a stylus pen. 

‘She is a seven-year-old Australian shepherd and they are best friends.’

Jacque can be heard laughing as she films her son and dog who are sitting on the sofa together.

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