Boyzone founder whose ex tortured and killed nanny is ‘haunted’ over death

The Boyzone founder whose ex tortured and murdered a shy French nanny has spoken out about feeling ‘haunted’ in a harrowing interview.

Sabrina Kouider, 35, and partner Ouissem Medouni, 40, built a warped fantasy around music mogul Mark Walton, who is Kouider’s ex-lover.

They accused Sophie Lionnet, 21, of being in league with Mr Walton, and a two-month trial heard how ‘fixated’ Kouider was with the ex-pop star.

This week at London’s Old Bailey, Kouider and Medouni were both found guilty of murdering au pair Miss Lionnet, whose body they burnt on a bonfire.

As the couple await their sentencing, which is expected to be on June 26, Mr Walton has described how the case has left him feeling shaken.

He reportedly needs two glasses of wine to go to sleep because he has nightmares, and says thinking that she "was tortured because of me" haunts him.

The Daily Mail reports Mark’s eyes were red from crying as he told them he was "haunted" by the final photo of the nanny, looking frail and emaciated.

Terrified, broken and starving, Miss Lionnet’s eyes were downcast and agony was etched on her face in a picture taken just two days before she was killed.

Mr Walton reportedly said the nightmare seemed surreal for him, in Los Angeles, before he saw that photo.

He told the newspaper: "But then when I saw that picture of Sophie and how scared and vulnerable and haunted she looks, and to think she was tortured because of me, that haunts me.

"The poor girl was telling the truth. She never met me. And yet she paid with her life because of those psychopaths."

He said he’d never even spoken to Miss Lionnet let alone met her.

Mr Walton said he found it heartbreaking that she suffered so much ‘because of him,’ reports said.

He said he’d love to tell her parents that both they and their daughter are in his prayers, adding that he thinks of her on a daily basis.

Speaking about his romance with Kouider which began seven years ago, he reportedly admitted he loved her – from first sight- until he found out she was a ‘psycopath’.

He said he couldn’t believe he’d ever been taken in by her.

And when he laid eyes on her in the dock at the Old Bailey, he reportedly felt sick and felt hatred towards her.

After splitting up after two years, Kouider reported him to police more than 30 times and received a caution for branding him a paedophile on a fake Facebook profile.

She also accused him of sexually abusing a cat, using black magic and hiring a helicopter to spy on her.

Giving evidence, LA-based Mr Walton said he had been "in love" with Kouider but she would "flip" and go "crazy" for no reason.

Another ex-boyfriend Anthony Francois described her as a "lunatic, fickle and unstable".

The mother-of-two created a fantasy world casting Mr Walton as an evil villain who seduced Miss Lionnet with sex and promises of Hollywood stardom.

Banker Medouni became an ardent believer in Kouider’s twisted reality and they interrogated Miss Lionnet for hours to get to "the truth".

Jurors heard more than eight hours of recordings in which Miss Lionnet was slapped, likened to a Nazi collaborator and called "worse than a murderer" by her tormentors.

The French nanny was tortured and killed by Kouider and Medouni following sadistic ‘interrogation’ sessions.

She was starved, beaten, whipped with a cable and left with a broken chestbone ribs before being drowned in a bath.

Having killed her in the bath, the pair threw her on a bonfire in the garden of their home near Wimbledon, south-west London, as they barbecued chicken nearby.

Police found a note written by a starving Sophie in the tiny, dark room where she was forced to sleep.

It read simply: "Why me? I need help to stop them."

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