Brexit warning: As UK thrives outside EU, Poland and others will follow says Polish MP

Former Polish minister: Morawiecki may engineer Polexit

Janusz Kowalski, the country’s deputy minister of state assets, was speaking at a time of escalating tensions between Poland and Brussels, with the latter recently having attempted to link cash grants from its coronavirus rescue package to Warsaw backing down on it controversial judicial reforms. And he warned European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen it would be unwise to take Poland’s ongoing membership for granted.

Mr Kowalski, a member of the centre-right Solidarna Polska party, told “We want to look realistically at every international alliance.

“Therefore, it is high time to assess the quality of Poland’s membership in the EU.

“The European Union is not a Santa Claus – nothing is given to Poland for free.

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“For example, Poland pays a high price for harmful EU regulations, among others in the transport or energy sector.”

As an example, Mr Kowalski said Brussels was to blame for a drastic increase in electrical energy prices in Poland, as a result of what he called “speculative EU regulations”, a reference to the bloc’s policy of removing regulation in order to allow the cost to be dictated by market forces.

He added: “I watch with care Great Britain in the post-Brexit period.

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“If Britain succeeds, which I wish for, it will be the next argument for a radical reconstruction of the EU and its return to the roots – the organisation of sovereign states, not an ideological bureaucracy of the Brussels officials, out of democratic control.”

Referring to his own country’s continuing membership of the EU, which it joined in 2004, Mr Kowalski suggested patience was wearing thin.

He explained: “In my opinion, the cost of the membership in the currently ideologised EU is already greater than the benefits from the subsidies.

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“Implementation of the 2018 coalition agreement between the SPD-CDU in Germany, led to the introduction of the so-called Green Deal in December 2019.”

The cost of Poland’s energy transformation exceeded €700billion – with the costs not covered by the EU, Mr Kowalski stressed.

He said: “The Green Deal is, just like the Euro currency, another instrument for supporting German economic hegemony in the EU.

“The Green Deal supports export regulations from the German RES sector and Russian gas from Nord Stream.

“In the 80s, no one believed that The Soviet Union may collapse. 10 years later it was gone.

“I am a supporter of Poland’s membership in the EU as an organisation of sovereign states and a simultaneous staunch opponent of the federalisation of the EU and the reduction of sovereignty of the nation states.”

Nevertheless, all eyes were now on the UK, as beings life outside the EU, Mr Kowalski admitted.

He added: “If Britain keeps growing outside the EU faster than in the EU – which I think will happen, because it has a complete access to the EU market without being bound by the Brussels directives – it is only a matter of time before the question of the quality of the EU will be raised also in other countries of the Union.

“From one year to another such questions will also be asked in Poland, especially if the EU will not begin a process of reforms and reduction in the growth of bureaucracy.”

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