Brian Blessed ‘blasts farmers with the C-word while dressed as a king

Brian Blessed ‘blasts farmers with the C-word while dressed as a Tudor king and says he hopes they all die of TB in dinner row over badger culling’

  • Brian Blessed was hosting 200 farmers during a dinner being held in Coventry 
  • The 81-year-old Flash Gordon star was dressed as a Tudor king for the event 
  • Mr Blessed was booed when he told the audience he would ban badger culling
  • He stormed out of the hotel after launching his expletive-laden rant  

Brian Blessed has launched a furious expletive-laden attack on farmers who advocate culling badgers in an effort to wipe out bovine TB. 

The 81-year-old actor, who was dressed as a Tudor king at the time, was hosting a dinner for pig and poultry farmers at the Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry. 

One of the 200 guests at the dinner asked the Flash Gordon star, who is an outspoken animal rights activist, what law he would enact if he was monarch. 

Brian Blessed was hosting a dinner for 200 farmers in Coventry when he launched his rant 

Blessed, pictured, was dressed as a Tudor king, file photo, when he was asked by one of the guests what he would ban if he was monarch 

Members of the audience booed when Mr Blessed said he would ban badger culling 

When he answered that he would ban badger culling, some of the farmers present began booing the star with one swearing at him. 

In response, Mr Blessed replied: ‘You’re all c****, I hope you all die of TB.’

One guest told The Sun: ‘It was after dinner and the booze had been flowing.

‘Brian used the C word before flouncing out. His views on animal welfare are well known and he wasn’t going to back down even in a room full of farmers.

‘But a few there have said it was worth the price of the ticket just to see Brian go off on one.’

The star’s agent Stephen Gittins said his client is well known for his support of badgers and his opposition to culling. 

Mr Gittins said one audience member was being ‘verbally aggressive’.

The Flash Gordon star stormed out of the dinner following his expletive-laden rant

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