Brit ‘Pablo Escobar’ served miserable prison Xmas dinner including rotten banana

Former drug lord Andrew Deamer is used to a life of luxury, especially at Christmas time.

But the Brit, who was head of a £354 million cocaine racket, is currently serving 14 years inside a Colombian jail.

Instead of the best possible food and champagne, while being surrounded by family during the festive period, he told The Mirror that he regrets “the pain and worry” he has put the latter through.

And Deamer, who was nicknamed the British Pablo Escobar, has also divulged the food he has been given on this special day – and its a far cry from a traditional Christmas turkey.

His meal consists of rice, a bowl of something vaguely resembling soup and a handful of grated carrot.

And rather than a Christmas pudding or trifle for dessert, he was given a small piece of rotting banana.

He said, while playing cards with the two hitmen who share his 10ft by 13ft cell on a high security wing: “It’s devastating to be so far from home at this time of the year never knowing if I will make it out alive from this ordeal.

“It’s at times like this you realise crime just doesn’t pay. I would give anything to spend Christmas with my mum and my brother who I love and miss very much.

“The hardest part isn’t the rats or the disgusting soup, it’s being away from your family. I regret the pain and worry I put them through – being here is very scary.

“Everything you can see on documentaries about how hard prison is in Colombia is an understatement – it’s hell on earth.

“My cellmates are some of the most dangerous offenders in Colombia. But we get on very well and spend our time playing cards or board games.”

Deamer, whose dad was also a convicted drugs smuggler, has served around three years or his prison term so far, after being being found to have disguised cocaine as dog food and shipped it to the UK, mainland Europe and America.

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