Britain to be battered by brutal downpours engulfing the country

Britain is set to be battered by brutal downpours that are expected to engulf the country.

According to weather maps, wet weather is likely to cover the UK, with heavy rain in the South East and London, as a storm alert is predicted for later on this evening (July 26).

The Met Office predicts that the weather front will hit Northern Ireland later on this morning, before moving on to Wales and the South West.

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By the early hours of tomorrow (July 27), the entire country is due to be deluged with heavy rain.

Alex Deakin, meteorologist with the Met Office said: “There is better sunshine for around the most today, but there is also again a few showers, not everywhere seeing the showers.

“Some places will stay dry, which is more than can be said for later in the week, when a large area of cloud out in the Atlantic and then low pressure will bring rain across the country, particularly during Wednesday night and into Thursday.

“Southern Scotland’s weather will have quite a grey start to Wednesday with a little bit of light rain and drizzle.”

Maps suggest the situation is only set to worsen this weekend, as the weather will turn "very showery", coming in from the North Atlantic.

A spokesperson from Met Office told the Daily Express: “Heavy showers are expected across the country on Saturday with Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland likely to witness heaviest rainfall.

“The weather is going to stay unsettled throughout the weekend, however, the showers will be less strong on Sunday.”

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