Britain’s biggest family announces 21st baby is on the way

Britain’s biggest family is about to get even bigger as Radfords are delighted to announce their 21st baby is on the way (without claiming a penny in benefits)

  • Mother Sue Radford is welcoming her 21st baby, and this time it will be a girl 
  • They announced the news in a video blog on their YouTube channel 

Britain’s biggest family is set to grow again after mother Sue Radford announced she is pregnant with her 21st child.

Mrs Radford uploaded a video message on YouTube to announce they will be welcoming yet another baby girl into their huge brood.  

The 42-year-old last gave birth in September last year, and she promised at the time that it would be her last.

But they have revealed she has fallen pregnant yet again, and uploaded an image of the baby scan on Instagram.

The Radford family uploaded this image of a baby scan on Instagram as they announced they had another child on the way

The couple, who don’t claim a penny in benefits, pictured with their huge brood

The couple also uploaded a video message on YouTube where they revealed they would be welcoming a baby girl

Mrs Radford and her husband Noel, 46, who live in Morecambe, Lancashire, wrote: ‘We can’t wait to welcome you into the family precious little one..#soblessed.’

The couple had their first child, Chris, 28 years ago, when Sue was aged only 14. The couple decided to keep the baby as they were both given up for adoption at birth.

The couple then moved into their first home together and got married. Shortly afterwards they welcomed their second child, Sophie when Sue was 17.

They insisted Archie, who was born in 2017, would be there last, but are now preparing for yet another new arrival.  

The family posted a YouTube video to announce their baby news, and showed off the pic of the baby scan

Sue and Noel Radford have welcomed their twentieth baby – a son called Archie in September last year

Mrs Radford celebrating the first birthday of her 19th child, daughter Phoebe

Mrs Radford (pictured with her children on holiday when they appeared on a Channel 4 documentary said after their last child that she was happy to stop on an ‘even number’


After an early start in the bakery, Mr Radford returns home every day at 7.45am to sort out the children and get them to nursery at school.

All their uniforms are washed and laid out the night before, while breakfast is staggered into two shifts. 

Six of the children are at the same primary school ten minutes away and five are at secondary school. Noel drives them in a minibus which, as it carries more than nine passengers, is entitled to use bus lanes.

Meanwhile, the three youngest, Oscar, Caspar and Hallie, remain at home with Sue, though Oscar goes to nursery in the afternoons.

The family do nine loads of washing a day, get through 30 bottles of washing liquid every month and use four toilet rolls a day.

Incredibly they manage to feed the family on £300 a week, feeding them all pasta or a large stew using deals with their local butcher and greengrocer.

Bathtime at home begins around 6pm and while the younger ones will be bathed and in bed by about 7pm, the older ones stay up until 9pm. 

Mr and Mrs Radford say they are in bed by 10pm.


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